9x flix – 2022 || Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio Movies and Web Series on 9xflix

Hey, guys welcome to another post today in this post I am going to share some facts about 9xflix because 9x flix is a very famous online web portal and this website is provide the latest movies or TV shows downloaded for free, today in this post I am going to talking about some interesting facts about 9x flix or I also tell you is this website legal or not.

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9x flix
9x flix

What is 9x flix?

9x flix is an online web portal that provides Latest Movies for free, you can download all the latest movies like Hindi dubbed, Hollywood movies, Tamil Movies, Telugu movies, Latest TV shows, Netflix Web series, etc for free of cost.

Basically, this is a pirated website and it is completely illegal, this website provides the latest movies for free of cost which is a completely illegal job, and it impacts the film industry, If I talking about our Indian film industry then it is good for me because the Indian film industry is not so good, but I love Hollywood movies and I do not like piracy those movies.

So directly I can say that the 9x flix website is not a good website, it harms the film industry.

How to work 9xflix?

As I said 9x flix is a pirated website and this is leaking movies and the latest TV shows, But our Government bans these types of websites many times, sometimes google removes the website from search results, but 9x flix owner is so clever and they know how to rank on Top page.

When Google ban a URL 9x flix owner change the main website domain name and sift all the data existing site to a new domain name, also some people create free account in 9x flix web portal when 9x flix release a new website they get notification also people are so clever they know how this website work and public also know to download a movie or TV show for free of cost is completely illegal.

Also, 9x flix has its own mobile Apk and this apk is not available in Play store but there are many websites that exist on the internet and they provide to download all types of apk including 9xflix Apk. But now the question is how 9xflix website earn money online?

Now, this is the most important question for us because Google doesn’t support these types of websites, nor does any reputed ad networks give approval for these types of websites, so how to generate money for this website online?

The answer is 9xflix getting a huge amount of search traffic also this website has it’s own fan base, we know Google Adsense doesn’t support this website but there are some illegal ad networks exist in the market that runs adult ads or unofficial ads, and they gave approval for a site like 9x flix.

Do remember this ads network are using unofficial ads means you can see any type of ads on the 9x flix website, when you click on download a movie 9x flix is redirect you to another page where you can see many downloading buttons, so many images ads, etc, and if you click on any ads then you are redirected to the ads official page, and this is harmful to you.

Maybe that web page is connected to the dark web, maybe it is downloading a contain of virus in your PC or Mobile phone, so be careful fro clicking on any buttons or ads, and due to high traffic, this website earns lot’s of money.

Also sometimes this website uses Google AdSense but not on the main website the website connects an Adsense approved website to the download button and when people click on the download button they redirect to another website where you can see AdSense ads and when people click on that ads 9 x flix com earn money from it, Nether then this 9x flix getting paid promotions which are generating high money.

Is 9x flix safe?

As I said it is use unofficial ad networks so it is not safe for all, innocent people can easily run into problems, but I can say that this website is 10 safe out of 100%.

But watching movies online or downloading any movie for free is completely illegal so please get a paid OTT platform subscription or watch movies in theatres that are better for you.

9xflix alternative

9x flix
9x flix

If we talked about paid official alternatives then you can go with Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5, Amazon prime video, Voot original, Jio cinema, YouTube premium, etc.

These are official portals to watch any movies or web series, I personally like Netflix it is awesome and it has a huge web series collection.

Hotstar is also a very good OTT platform if you are a marvel fan then go with Hotstar you can watch all the marvel series just paying 499rs per year.

But if we talked about free online platforms like 9xflix then there are many websites that exist, but no one is permanent।

Every website always change its URL when Google ban the main site, well I give you some name in the list below, you can search them in google.

How to download movies from 9x flix?

We this is very easy to do, to download any content from 9x flix do a google search and click on the live link.

  • Then you can see the 9x flix website here you can choose movie categories like Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi dubbed, etc.
  • Once you click on the movie category you can choose your movie and click on the movie poster.
  • Then 9x flix redirects you to a new page maybe it redirects you 2 to 3 times to the ads page so ignore that page and keep clicking on the movie banner, once that download page will open in front of you you can scroll down below.
  • Now choose your movie format like 720P, 360P, etc, and click on the file format link.
  • Now again you are redirected to a new page where you can see many download links so click on any link this link will redirect you to a new mega server page and here you can download your movie or TV shows.

NOTE: Keep in mind do not click on the ads or do not visit the ads websites this can harm your device.

Why 9x flix is so popular?

In answer I can say only one word this is puppolar in public because this is free, 9x flix is provided movies or web series for free of cost and trust me people always want everything for free, and especially students they don’t have that much money to get a paid OTT platform subscription.

Also, our Indian parents are so cheap they do not want to invest in Entertainment, they can not see their child play Games, they believe that if our child gets a government job then his/she life is fully secured, that’s why our students support this type of piracy website.

And why not if I decide to watch a movie in threate then I have to invest more than 2000rs and our Indian films do not deserve this, and sites like 9x flix provide all the latest movies for free so why invest 2000rs for a flup film. This is some reason for becoming 9x flix so popular on the Internet.


This post is only for the educational purposes we are not promoting any pirated website nor do we support any type of piracy, also we are not connected to the 9x flix website nor do we hate 9x flix, so don’t take this personal, just get knowledge from our site if you think that we share wrong information then comment box is open for you 24/7 if you like this post then do a free share with your friends.

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