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9xmovies.com: if we talk about entertainment, then there will be many such movies or web series online which really entertain people, but the problem is that you need to pay some price to watch them. 9xmovies win.

There are many OTT websites, where new movies or any web series can be seen, such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Netflix, etc.

But to use all these, you have to take a premium membership, although this price is very less, but people always have the habit of eating free, especially in our India there are countless people who want to eat everything for free.

In such a situation, websites like 9xmovies.com are becoming very famous, apart from this many other websites like 9xmovies.com, movierulz, Tamilrockers, Hdmovieshub, etc. are also known as free movie download platforms.

In this post about 9xmovies ➡️:

  • What is 9xmovies?
  • Is 9xmovies.com safe?
  • Why is 9xmovies.com so famous?
  • How to download movies from 9xmovies.com?
  • 9xmovies live links?

Although I have written articles about them before, our website probably takes a long time to become famous.

We warn people on this website, give them the right direction, maybe that is why Google never likes us, and never ranks our articles.

At the same time, some poor news websites rank in the top pages. And their people do not even get any special information.

Anyways today I am going to talk about 9xmovies, I will tell you what is 9xmovies? Is it right to download movies or any other file from 9xmovies, is 9xmovies safe?

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What is 9xmovies?

9xmovies is a free movie downloading website or can be called Piracy ott platform, from where any user can watch and download movies or TV shows for free.

And you don’t need any pay For this, just visit the website of 9xmovies.com and download your favorite movies for free.

This is such an OTT platform that makes any movie available for free within 1 hour of its release, although this work is absolutely illegal.

But those who want to watch movies for free, they promote this kind of platform, 9xmovies.com always changes its domain, and it uses many types of proxy layers to keep its website secure.

In websites like 9xmovies.com, you do not get to see any kind of genuine content, and Google Adsense does not support it either.

But apart from Adsense, there are many other ad networks whose ads you will get to see in this type of piracy website.

Some ads are also very obscene, but Piracy website promotes similar products and earns profits from them.

Is 9xmovies safe?

If you follow my advice, then it is not safe at all, many times when you enter this type of website to download a movie or any other file, then this website redirects you to many other websites where the original file is available.

9xmovies Download Latest Movie
9xmovies Download Latest Movie

And many Virus files are also present on those websites, if you download them by mistake then viruses can come into your device and can steal your entire data.

Apart from this, a lot of obscene types of advertisements are also seen in this type of website, which can embarrass you in front of the family.

Moreover, piracy is not legal in any country, it is an illegal act, due to which the offender can be imprisoned for a few years as a punishment, or a heavy fine can be applied.

It is absolutely illegal to promote, or support piracy, or download piracy content from any website, so do not do it.

Why is 9xmovies.com so famous?

Not only 9xmovies, there are many other piracy websites, which have millions of subscribers, and also provide their own Telegram channel and mobile app.

Due to this, their subscribers are not separated from them, whenever you create your account in any piracy platform, then it asks for your email, name, and mobile number.

Although you create an account here for free, in return you also share your details with them.

And whenever this website is banned, meaning the government bans the domain URL, then it creates a backup file of that website, and with the other Domain, they add all the data.

Due to this you get notification of the new website URL, and as I said, Free things are always trending, and here that movie is available for free for which we have to pay some money.

This is the reason why a website like 9xmovies.com never gets closed, their URL definitely keeps changing, but the user and content remain the same.

Although there are many other websites like 9xmovies, But most of the search is of 9xmovies, because it is easy to use, and it is also very easy to download movies from here.

A free account has to be created on other websites as well, but in 9xmovies, there is no such thing to do, which is beneficial to save time.

Apart from this, there are many links to download a file in 9xmovies, but there is no such interest in other websites, sometimes some links are banned, which makes it impossible to download that file.

How to download movies from 9xmovies?

9xmovies Download Latest Movie
9xmovies Download Latest Movie

It’s very simple, if you’ve used a piracy website before, it’s not going to be difficult for you to root. To download any file from 9xmovies.com, you have to visit its official live website. After this, you have to choose the file or movie that you want to download.

After clicking on the file, a second page will open in front of you where there will be buttons for download, and here you will get many buttons, but you have to click on the right button.

Other buttons can redirect you to any other website, where useless files are present.

Dangerous Virus and Original Advertisement are also shown on this type of website, so you have to click on the right link carefully.

On clicking the button, another page will open in front of you, and here you will see many links, and you have to click on each link to start the download file.

And that’s is your file will start downloading.

9xmovies live links?

By the way, such a website never works from a URL, due to piracy, the government keeps closing such a website.

But because of the Domain DNS system, this website keeps transferring its database to different URLs.

And there is no real targeted link of such a website, by the way, 9xmovies live link can be found if it is hacked, but which is absolutely illegal, so I cannot add any kind of 9xmovies live link to this website. You’ll have to find it yourself.

9xmovies win movie format.

Many types of video formats are available in 9xmovies.com, the most downloaded format is 300MB movies.

But in today’s time internet is very cheap in India, so people have started downloading more 360P and MP4 formats.

Apart from this, video files of formats like 1080P, 720P, 1280P, 630P, etc. can be seen on 9xmovies.com.


9xmovies.com is just a part of the piracy world, this is just a single website but there are many other websites that provide the same piracy Content like Movies or TV shows, but better is don’t support them, and we don’t support any kind of piracy things, Guideclass.com is just an informative website, we provide information about searchable things, so don’t take it personally. Thank you.

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