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About us page design: Hi guys welcome to another post. In this post I am going to share knowledge related to About us page design, I will teach you how you can make a beautiful About US page for free of cost.

Hi guys my name is Viswanath Dhinda and I am a professional blogger I create this website for sharing knowledge about Digital marketing, Online earning, Affiliate marketing and many more facts or knowledge. If you like My post then please share it with your friends.

What is About us page?

About Us page is related to the website, meaning a particular targeted layout wher we can tell about our products, we can describe our business and yes we can provide knowledge about our website or why we create the website.

This can help people to know about us or about our business. sometimes website owners are confused between about us page or author page. Some people think that about us page or author page both are the same but actually these two are not the same.

The About us page is different or the author page is different, but both provide knowledge about websites or business. Now the question is how to create About us page design.

About us page design
About us page design

How to create About us page design?

Well there are so many options to create about us page, but if you are a wordpress user then you can create about us page very easily, just follow our simple steps.

First step>

Install wordpress if you are not a wordpress user then live your website with your cms platform, then choose a theme in wordpress I suggest to use Generatepress theme, this theme is provide so many options to create any pages or layout design.

Step 2>

Now choose an page builder plugin like Elementor or Wp bakery you can use your default wordpress layouts or blocks but for a new beagener I recommend Elementor to crate any pages.

Step 3>

Choose addons plugin if you are using elementor then install some other plugins like Woolanter, Essential Addons for Elementor, ElementsKit Elementor addons, Livemesh Addons for Elementor, Premium Addons for Elementor, etc, But if you are using default wordpress layout then install Generateblocks, Wp show posts, Wp form lite.

Step 4>

Start creating your page designing.

Page design is a art this is depend on your imagination, the more creative imagination creat an attractive layout, that’s why get some ideas from other blogs.

First of all add your page title “About us page design” then add a paragraph to write about your website why you create this website what is benefit to people if they visit your website, you can write about your website history and feature, you can describe about your products if this is a shopping website.

Then add some important products, if your website is just an normal blog then add some latest posts after one paragraph. I suggest adding 3 to 4 posts after one paragraph, then write an heading this heading like this about our website category.

Then write about your website category like what you add in your website what is youe collections and what is main category in your website, for an example > On our website you can find the latest news updates like sports lottery, etc, but also we write some extra knowledge about digital marketing and other niche to help people to grow their business online.

If you are interested in online earning then you can visit our digital marketing category, you can read our posts and start growing your business online.

Add all the author name with a heading.

Write about all the writers on your website, what they know, what they do and why people need to read their posts, if your website has a single author then write about yourself, what you are doing and what is your motive to create this website.

Now comes to the disclaimer part, here you can write about your website details like what is your website support, this thing is like this “We do not support any type of piracy nor we promoting any piracy content, if you are thinking that we add any wrong information in our website or post then please contact us via using our contact form or comment box“.

Now add an contact form here and if you want to add any extra thing like animations or other things then definitely you can do that but I do not recommend this, simple design is more attractive so keep your page simple and informative.

But if you still want to create a more attractive design then I add some page design layout you can visit and learn.

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