Add me to search ✅ 2022 || How to create People card

Add me to search: Google is one of the top search engine on internet world, everyone use Google to search something know something even shopping something, that’s why every business owners want to listing their business in google top page.

But the problem is new business owners do not know how to add their business on google search or how to listing their brand on top ranking pages, this is the reason that people search how to Add me to search.Today in this post I am going to share knowledge about how you can add you to google search result soi stay on this post.

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How to Add me to search?

Step 1 >>

First of all go to and type this on google search bar Add me to search, then you can see a new pop-up search result will display in front of you now click on the get start button.

Add me to search
Add me to search

Step -2 >>

After clicking on the get started button gopogle will ask you to enter your phone number so please enter your phone number and click next, now google sends you an OTP to your number so fill that OTP in the blank box then click next.

Step- 3 >>

Once your phone number is verified successfully google will offer you to create or edit your Business profile, here you can enter your business location, your business name, etc. once you enter all the details click on the preview button.

Add me to search
Add me to search

Step- 4 >>

Here you can see how your business card looks like, now if you are ok with it then click on the save button, now you can see your card is showing in google search.

Note: You can always edit your profile or phone number.

Note: This option is available in mobile phones so do not try to search on your PC or Laptops. Also this option is only available in India so don’t try this Add me to search in out side of India, But but but some people also very caver and they use VPN network and create thaire people card on google.

What is people card?

When a individual start a new business he/she do not know how to run they do not know how to generate more sells, And people also have a problem in finding a store in their city, we know that in today’s time everything is available online and everyone is connected to the Internet, and this is the reason in today’s time. Online e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart are the most popular.

But if an individual wants to start his business, then it is very important for him to come to Google Search because it can boost up any business.

With Google card, your business is always in the first place, although it requires some technical knowledge, but it is not so difficult, if you want to take your business online, then People card is a better option.

How do you remove add me to search?

  • If you want to remove your People card from google then visit or open your Google searching app.
  • Before you take any action make sure you are logged in using your email ID which is connected to your People card.
  • Then search edit my people card and to remove it from google tap Remove my search card.
  • This is how you can remove or delete add me to search/People card from Google.


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