Benefits of cloud computing Best Cloud server provider 2022

Friends i have talked a lot about Hosting and Domain but the problem is people still confused between Hosting and servers because there are different types of servers available on the market and every server has different features or benefits. And a Cloud computing server is one of them.

So the question is what is a Cloud server and why do we use this Web hosting? So don’t worry today i am going to tell you what is Cloud Server and what is the Benefits of Cloud Computing, stay tuned on this Post.

Benefits of cloud computing 2021 Best Cloud hosting provider
Benefits of cloud computing 2021 Best Cloud hosting provider

What is Cloud Computing?

There are so many servers exist on the internet And every type of server has its own benefits, but the Cloud server is a very powerful thing in the web community.

Basically a Cloud server is not Target a specific Place this is a server which connects all the servers which are available on a server company. Means a Cloud server Does not take resources from a targeted server.

This is a Online means Sky server which has no size or no space. It is created by Server providers / developers to maintain their security strength.

We all know a server company provides us Web hosting or server space from a different location, and they have many Data Centers all over the world.

And for example a server company has 4 data centers including US, UK, Canada, Singapore. And they decided their datacenter or server for a targeted person.

And we always Buy server from our location. But if we buy a server from our location and make a website or app then That website performs better in our Country, for another Country we need a VPN which can improve our Website speed for another Country.

But a cloud computing server is always Connected with all the Data centers and if we Run a thing on that Cloud Computing then it Perform batter for worldwide.

What are the benefits of Cloud computing?

On cloud computing, we can easily access our data and server in a better way on the web, if a person use Shared server and if a person uses a cloud server the cloud server is 10 times better performing on the web because it is not a targeted Self of data storage.

Due to many data centers, Hackers can not find your actual data privacy easily, that’s the additional benefit of cloud computing.

If I am talking about speed then cloud computing can provide you a better speed for your app or website, and it can serve your data with a cache version.

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In the short term I can say that cloud computing is a better choice for websites and apps, but try to get a real cloud server, because every server provider doesn’t have a cloud server.

They provide you a normal server by named cloud server, so i suggest you to buy from a reputed company like Namecheap Resellerclub etc.

Flexibility of work practices

Cloud computing/Cloud server allows employees to be more flexible to their work practices. For an example, you have the ability to access data from home on holiday if you work for a company, but if this is your own business then also you can access the data via Smartphone PC and laptop.

Ha ha ha Jokes apart, Cloud computing providing you have an internet connection. If you need access to your data while you are off-site, you can connect to your virtual office, quickly and easily.

Access to automatic updates

On cloud Hosting you can update your storage and other data any time, there is no need to sift the server, you can expand the server capacity at any time, like if your data needs 4 GB RAM then you can increase it instantly.

Now this is quite impressive right? That’s why I love cloud computing services, but every time you need to spend money.

Price of cloud computing.

If you buy a real cloud computing server then it can charge 5$ to 50$ per month, if you don’t have that much money then go with a shared server, that’s better for you.

Cloud server features. You have to get.

  • Host Unlimited Website
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • At Least 4 CPU Cores
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Unmetered† SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered† Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free cPanel (This is not really need but for website makers, this is the best thing)

Best Cloud Hosting Provider:



  • Best Loading Speed
  • Easy to access
  • SSD Storage
  • Best Support team
  • Best security


  • Price high
  • Only 2 Datacentres
  • Tickets response longer

Namecheap is one of the best hosting providers that I feel, their support team is very helpful and very supportive, Namecheap has 2 data centers which are US and UK, and their servers are well managed.

I have used namecheap Shared hosting for 4 years and trust me they have good facilities. Also namecheap shared hosting can handle 10,000 trafics per day, which is a very good thing for beginners.

Also namecheap has Shared Cloud servers and it is very good if your website or App is running in US and UK also you can use it for other countries like INDIA, Canada etc, but in other countries you can see the little down time but it is good compared to other company servers.

Also I like the namecheap security system, which is very very well managed. I was impressed when my website was hacked and I complained to Namecheap, and they handled and brought back my site. So if this is your startup then namecheap is right for you.

Reseller club >>


  • Many Datacentres
  • Lite cache technology
  • SSD storage
  • Call support
  • Easy to manage
  • Good experience


  • Price is too high
  • Storage limited

Reseller club is one of the best Hosting/server providers all over the world. They have many data centers and talking about server quality is literally amazing.

On reseller club you can find Shared Cloud, Resell, Linux server VPS and many more, their server is running with lite cache technology, and on reseller club you got a very good pricing too.

If I talk about Cloud Server then ResellerClub have real cloud hosting/server they have real cloud computing servers, i used it for 1 year i trust me i have never faced any type of problems, Reseller club Cloud computing is provide 100% uptime it means your website is open within a second.

But their price is little high so if you have money then reseller club is the best option for you, another benefit is resellerclub is come under IG group technology.


Friends i use lot’s of server and lot’s company’s Hosting, and i have full experience about servers, and i don’t recommend cloud computing all the time, if this is your startup then you can go with shared servers, cloud computing is only need if you have much traffics on your web or application.

So i thought you got all your answers if you have any questions about servers and websites then just post a comment with your real name i answer your queries within 24 hur. Thank you for visiting. High CPC.

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