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Hi, guys if you are searching for the Best hosting for WordPress, website then this post will help you a lot. In this post today I am gonna provide you with world best hosting, and tell you all the features.

Hi guys my name is Viswanath, and I am a professional blogger. I have many websites and I always make websites for my Fans and clients, and I use many types of web hosting companies for creating different types of websites.

But there are some companies who provide world class Hosting service, but people do not know about them, so maybe I am the right person to tell you about who is the Best hosting provider, and which hosting is best for your business. So guys let’s jump to the next paragraph and know about best hosting.

I have listed the top 5 Best hosting for WordPress companies you can read about them and decide to buy the hosting package.

Note: in this post, I use my affiliate links to promote all the hosting services but this is not a promotional post, I use my affiliate links to run this website in a better way. And also support myself, so i hope you buy from those links, this is just affiliate links, this can not increase the service price, but yes when you buy from my links I got some % for recommending propose. Thank you.

Best hosting for WordPress
Best hosting for WordPress

What is web hosting?

This may be a question in your mind, right? If not then scroll down to know the best hosting services, but if you don’t know about hosting then still read this paragraph.

Web hosting is a special storage means a special computer, which is connected to the internet 24hur. This is always live, you can say that the hosting is a memory card/hard drive of a special computer.

And in that computer you can store your files, images, videos and many other contents through the internet, this can help your file serve on the internet and anyone can access or download it via a targeted URL.

So the big storage can store a big file, like a laptop hard drive, and perform better if storage capacity is big.

Why need hosting?

This is another question which is asked by people many times, people ask me on YouTube or my group and also private massage.

So here is the answer, as I say Hosting is a special computer, so normally people use it for sharing the files online, like a bank share its data and services online to its customer.

The same way you can share any files using Hosting, but but but new people buy hosting just for making the websites and earning from it am I right? So you can store your website Data on the Hosting server and can run those data online.

To access the website need a specific URL or file storage, like, they provide free Best hosting storage, but that is limited, If you buy a hosting service then that server storage is yours, you can do anything in that server, even you can store your Mobile password in that storage also you can store your Movies in that server storage.

So our first hosting company is ➡️

Hostarmada Hosting Review:

Now you all guys just buy Hosting from any famous company, who always promotes their products.

But Hostarmada is one of my favorite Best hosting companies, which I love very much. This Best hosting company has a decent client base, and trust me guys this Hosting is superfast.

Even our Guideclass website is based on Hostarmada, and you can check our website speed on google speed testing tool.

Best wordpress hosting
Best wordpress hosting

Hostarmada provides Ngenex server to its users, and this server is better than the Lite Cache server, so I think this is a special feature on Hostarmada, also Hostarmada provide a Domain name like .com .Net .in, etc, for free with its shared and cloud hosting Plan.

And also SSL for free according to its Service plan, like if you buy an unlimited Plan then SSL is free for unlimited Domains, also Host armada provide SSD storage capacity, which is sufficient for any websites.

I was surprised when I visited Hostarmada for the first time, because they provide many things in one plan, also they use Nginx server.

If you do not know about Nginx server then let me guide you with a short description. Nginx server is built to offer low memory usage and high concurrency. Rather than creating new processes for each web request.

Nginx uses an asynchronous, event-driven approach where requests are handled in a single thread. With Nginx, one master process can control multiple worker processes.

And it performs better than a litespeed server.

Now coming to the backup option, we all know all the Service companies provide backup options too.

But that backup is limited, maybe it is weekly or monthly, but Hostarmada provides daily backup options. Which is best for a beginner blogger or Digital marketer.

I use almost 99% of the hosting services but finally host armada is my favorite hosting, also it’s price is too low as compared to the service and performance.

Also, the Hostarmada contact option is very good, one day I contact them at 2:30 AM night, and they replay me within 1 mint, I contact them to change my Datacenter location, Singapore to Frankfurt, and they also change it within 2hur without any extra charges, which’s a very good feature on Hostarmada.

So what are you waiting for, go and no doubt buy Hostarmada service.

Hostarmada Pros and cons

1. Money-back guarantee with all plans.
2. The professional quality support performance.
3. All plans on Clod storage.
4. Hosting is so fast and easy to use
5. Can change data center any time.
6. Get backup every day 14 times.
7. Price is decent
8. User and SSD storage is too high
1. No any issue with this Hosting company

Hostinger hosting review.

This company has a huge polarity, and many YouTubers said that this is the Best hosting for WordPress, because they promote higher, every time I saw hostinger ads on Youtube, but I can say that this is an average hosting company, and they create some confusion.

Like the first time I visited hostinger after seeing the ads on YouTube, and on ads, a mam said start your website with hostinger Best hosting per month 1 $. Also, include free .com domain.

Best hosting for WordPress

So I visit the site and choose a shared hosting package, and then I press the checkout button.

Then I see the real price of this hosting. They provide hosting in 1$ but it is for 48 months, not for 1 year. If you change 12 months, then the price is too high.

Anyways I purchased the hosting package and built a normal website, first of all this hosting does not have Cpanel it has Hpanel, which is so complected.

A beginner blogger cannot understand Hpanel. It takes some time to use Hpanel, then I install WordPress, and there was a problem with Wp installation.

We can not install the site with www. Http or http://www. For do this you need to redirect on htaccess file.

And a normal blogger can not do this, everytime need to contact the hostinger staf. Also they don’t have a calling option, only you can contact on live chat, or live chat staff are also beginners, they don’t have sufficient knowledge.

So I face so many problems in Hostinger, then I cancel my service and refund my money, and I decide never to use Hostinger again.

But I can say that Hostinger speed is good, it is good for a normal Blog site not for majure resources sites like E-commerce stores.

So if you still want to buy from Hostingers then you can use it.

Hostinger pros and cons:

1. They have SSL for every domain.
2. They have all plan SSD storage.
3. A decent amount of traffic limit good for a website.
4. 99.9% loading time which is real.
5. Also, their payment refunds less than 1 minute.
1. Hpanel is compleceted.
2. Wp installation difficult
3. SSL active so irriteting
4. Contact support is not good
5. Price is high

Namecheap hosting review:

Namecheap is one of the cheapest and fastest and best hosting in the world, although they have only 3 data centers, but their service is super fast and cheap.

On Namecheap, you can host your site easily. They have Cpanel, also Namecheap provides Free SSL for every domain.

Best hosting for WordPress

What do I like about namecheap?

If I thought to make an small website like static tools, then definitely I would always use Namecheap.

Because their price is too cheap, and service is so fast, the starting plan is not good i can say, but the second (Staller plus) and third plane (Stellar business) is very good.

I bought the third plan on blackfriday and that time I paid Just 18$ for an unlimited hosting plan.

And now its price is also cheap. Namecheap provides 99% uptime, and this is really 99% uptime. I host an E-commerce site with Woodmart theme.

And my website speed was 83 both on mobile and PC, so you can imagine how fast this hosting is.

But 1 problem is they don’t offer .com .net domain for free, you need then you need to pay for it, but also they provide .online, .website .xyz etc low level TLD domain name for free.

Namecheap pros and cons.

1. Money-back guarantee with all plans.
2. The professional quality support performance.
3. All plans are designed for good performance.
4. Hosting is so fast and easy to use.
5. Price is cheap
1. Server/Data center are limited

Resellerclub Hosting review

Reseller club is an old best hosting and domain provider, I like their VPS and cloud hosting plan. beacuse this plans are best hosting for WordPress blog.

On resellerclub you can get a very good package, and so they provide HDD and SSD options.

Bothe are fast and secure, but SSD is more faster then HDD, but if your budget is low then you can go with HDD storage.

Best hosting for WordPress

Also, ResellerClub is under IG group, so it means the company is trusted, also I claim a refund, and that refund money was credited after 3 days which is very good.

Also Reseller hosting is very fast. I built a blog website on Resellerclub to check the speed, and in that website I have more than 2000 HD images, also 124 Articles with a minimum 4000words.

Then I tested this site speed and trust me guys I get 72 on mobile and 83 on desktop speed all the time, and on Night i notice the speed was 99 on both devices, which is super good for me.

And after removing the Google ads the page speed is 90 on mobile and 98 on Desktop, so it is a good hosting, you can try out this if you want.

Also they have a calling system, chart support, Mail support, the staff are very good user friendly like Namecheap.

One day I contacted both Namecheap and Resellerclub staff to Install SSL on my site. And they install it for me in 2 minutes.

Even they also Install the WordPress for me. So this is a good thing if you got support for 24×7.

Resellerclub pros and cons

1. Money-back guarantee with almost all plans.
2. The professional quality support performance.
3. Almost all plans on ResellerClub are designed for reselling.
4. Hosting is so fast and easy to use
1. You may not be able to expect the kind of features you would expect from the regular hosting services.
2. If you want extra SSL certification, it would incur extra cost.

Fastcomet hosting review:

Best hosting for WordPress

Fastcomet is also one of my favorite hosting, Best hosting. but I don’t use this hosting that much. Because I have many hosting accounts in different hosting companies, and that’s why I completely forgot about fastcomet, but this hosting is very trusted and fast hosting.

Also they have a very good package, and also this is a Cloud Best hosting, so I compare Fastcomet with the Host armada which is my favorite hosting.

Fast comets also have many data centers like Singapure, USA, Frankfurt/Eurup, UK, India/Mumbai, etc.

It means your Website can serve country wise, means when someone visit your website in USA then your website use USA server that time, and the same time if someone visit in Frankfurt then website use Frankfurt server.

Due to this your website uses very less resources, and opens it so fast in front of the user.

Apart from this I provide fastcomet pros and Cons in the below you can read it if you want.

Which company I do not like?

There are so many hosting companies who claim their service is better than other trusted companies, and after buying the service they start their world’s worst conversation.

I have some list of the company names which you should not use for your Blog.

  • Mewnix Hosting.

This is I think the world’s biggest scammer hosting company because I used their hosting for 1 year and in 1 year my site crashed 42 times. Every week they down my site and when I call them they do not respond.

Also when they down the site they knew and at that time they didn’t answer the chat, and one time I was so irritated because that time I wrote a post and suddenly the server was crashed.

And my work is west, and I was angry then I called them and as usual they didn’t receive the call.

Then I send an email with some vulgar language, and in the morning they suspend my server, and call me and force me to say sorry.

Also they told me if I didn’t not say sorry then they transfer my domain to another account, and also delete my account, I mean how they do it, the Domain is registered with my name, I know if i claim a Complaint then I was the winner, but As you know I do not have time to doing this kind of useless things.

So finally I say sorry and after 2 hour they activate my account, and then I transfer my domain to my Namecheap account immediately.

Also I face so many problems to transfer the domain, it takes 30 days to transfer a single domain, but after so many problems I successfully transfer the domain to Namecheap, and i get a backup of my website using Updraftplus, and clear all the data from Mewnix Cpanel.

And now it is my time to answer the Mewnix f***g staff.

I call them 4 times in 1 day and every time I use vulgar words, and finally they say sorry to me.

But before they said sorry the owner checked my account, and he find there was nothing in my account, they just found the Hosting service which has 4 months left to expire.

And also they suspend that i don’t care for that, but I send repeated mail 30 days means everyday in morning, also I send message to the owner contact number ( vulgar words ha ha ha)

Then I share my review with proof on Hostadvice, etc. But now they clear all the customer reviews from review platforms. I don’t know how. And also they submit the review on the review platforms themselfs, you can check this review

But still I order you don’t go with Mewnix and other local companies. They use reseller hosting from other trusted sources like Reseller club, Namecheap, Hostinger etc.

Also i mention some other company names, they also provide scam hosting service.

Here is the list.

  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Youstable
  • Gogi Host
  • Free Hosting
  • Herohosty

And their are many hosting companies who provide hosting in cheap price so do not buy them.


Dear users, Hosting is the main part of a website, you can say the hosting is the House and your website domain is the owner, and the contents are guests of the site.

The more powerful Hosting/house makes the guest/content happy. So do not try cheap hosting and the free hosting services. This can make you demotivated, invest in the right place and in return you get the best reward.

So that’s it for today’s guys. If you like this post then share it with your friends. Help them to choose the correct hosting package.

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