Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting in USA

Hi guy’s welcome again to the incredible post of best VPS hosting for business. I know I already talked about web hostings, and if you are starting a small business then you can read my previous post too.

But if your website is getting huge traffic then you need a better hosting, and No server is better than VPS hosting.

So today in this post I am going to share with you some knowledge about Best VPS hosting and also I share the top Best VPS hosting provider which I really like and I use for my personal websites.

Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting
Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting

Hi guys my name is Viswanath Dhinda and I am a professional blogger. I started blogging from the last 5 years and almost used all the Hosting companies.

And I am always making websites for my Clients and my Subscribers, so maybe I am the right person to tell you about the best VPS hosting provider.

Note: in this post i share my personal experience with you, i share those hosting company name which I use for my blog or website, also I add my affiliate link to promote them, it means if you buy any hosting via clicking any link is this post I got some commission and it do not add any extra charges to you.

Hostarmada VPS hosting:

Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting
Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting

Hostarmada is new in the server market, and trust me guys this hosting is awesome for every type of website.

If your website is in the starting stage then you can go with Hostarmada SSD shared hosting also this company provides a 45 days money-back guarantee which is good for a start-up website owner.

I use Hostarmada VPS hosting and this is really like a rocket speed feeling. Also the Hostarmada SSD shared hosting is superb speed and the storage capacity is the best for us.

In hostarmada you can change the server location any time. The last time I tried to change the server location in the USA to Frankfurt, I thought they would charge for it but I was surprised hostarmada did not get any charges from me.

They change it within 1 hour without affect my existing website, although i got a backup before I claim to sift the server location.

But this backup is useless actually. I didn’t know about host armada at that time, but when i use hostarmada I was fall in love with it.

And now I especially use this hosting for my measure of websites, and this is my top number 1 Hosting provider who provides the best vps hosting too.

You can buy VPS hosting from hostarmada if your website is an E-commerce store, or if your website is just a Blog then use SSD shared hosting for that.

On Hostarmada price started from the 5$ per month in shared hosting, and Vps hosting price start 41$ per month, price is little high but the server speed is superb, i did not get any downtime in Hostarmada.

Even though I send 35,000 users to my website at a time and all the user not getting any error, so Hostarmada is my favorite hosting company. If I decide to buy a best VPS hosting, then Host armada is my first choice.


Namecheap vps hosting.

Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting
Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting

Now Namecheap is a very good hosting company for start-ups and Business owners, but there are very few people who promote this company.

Because this platform affiliate commission is too low, but as I said I share my personal experience so I can’t give you wrong information.

Personally, Namecheap is one of the best hosting provider for me, and I always recommend this hosting to beginners.

On namecheap you can get a start-up hosting package for a very low price, but if i talk about it’s VPS server then i think this is the best Server for a website.

After watching many negative reviews I thought this is one of the third class hosting, but my opinion has changed after using the Namecheap VPS server.

I mean the server speed and quality is really god, and also the namecheap security is the best security that i thought.

The support team was also awesome and they are really user friendly. After using Namecheap VPS server I sent 30,000 users in one day to my website.

And trust me guys there are not any single downtime i have been seen in the website.

And due to AdSense, I earn 98$ on that day, it means the CSS files are loaded very well on Namecheap VPS server.

So if your Budget is slightly low then you can go with Namecheap VPS server.


Bluehost VPS hosting.

Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting

Now if you are an old blogger then you have definitely heard about Blouehost and also you know the Bluehost is recommended by WordPress.

So this indicates the Bluehost is a trusted company, but here is some drawback in Blue host, I don’t like bluehost shared hosting, because this is too slow and also the price is high.

But if i talk about best VPS hosting, then definitely Bluehost is one of best VPS hosting providers.

Like its support system and Country Wise languages support, Bluehost staff are really helpful, and also Bluehost is our Sponsor.

It didn’t mean Bluehost paid us so I share all the product with a positive review, honestly Bluehost shared hosting is not for a lifetime website.

But it’s VPS hosting is really impressive, they provide a very good package with SSD storage and light cache capacity.

In Bluehost your website can bide with rocket speed. Last time I used Bluehost VPS hosting, and the result was superb.

I didn’t accept this VPS hosting is perform like this, because I already disappointed with its shared hosting.

But I can say that the Bluehost VPS plan is really effective, you can buy without any confusion.

On Bluehost you can buy VPS servers with 4 different packages. I recommend the ELITE plan, you can buy with your budget.

All the plan are really good and there is no any wrost product you get. But the price is slightly high but it’s worth it, this can refund when you run a website with Bluehost.

Also Bluehost is under IG group which means this is a trusted company, Bluehost provides Free SSL for every hosting package which is very good.

And the lite cache server makes your website super fast like a rocket.


Resellerclub vos hosting.

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Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting

Resellerclub is an another best VPS hosting provider, and I really like it’s WordPress hosting. This company has many multiple categories. Also, this company provides HDD servers.

If you think the HDD server is best for you then Resellerclub is fulfil your requirement. Also I like it’s cloud hosting and trust me guys this is really a cloud server.

The ResellerClub VPS hosting is out of the world means this is a simple LiteSpeed hosting, I built an e-commerce website with Rehub theme in Resellerclub VPS hosting.

And we all know the rehub theme is very heavyweight theme and need to install more then 14 default plugins to run the rehub theme properly.

So I installed the rehub theme with a default layout option, and the rehub theme added so many high quality images, sliders, and many animation gifs.

And this increases page loading time, if we run this type of website in a shared hosting or a cheap hosting, then definitely the page speed is 0.

To test this I run the same website layout with Hostinger shared hosting, and the result is in hostinger 23 on Mobile phone and 56 on desktop.

And the Resellerclub VPS hosting result is 89 on mobile phone and 98 on desktop, sometimes I see the result is 100 on bothe of device.

So this is indicated that the resellerclub provides the best vps hosting, also the price are low on resellerclub, so go with resellerclub if you find a trusted company, because resellerclub is also under IG group.

On resellerclub you can see 4 vps hosting plans, and i like the pro plan, the price is starting at 7.99$ dollar with the standard package.


Interserver [Best VPS hosting]

Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting
Best VPS hosting | Top 5 best VPS hosting

Another platform is Interserver and this is one of my favorite companies, interserver provides VPS cloud hosting.

And I like its Price the server price starts from 6$ and I think this is the very cheapest and best VPS hosting.

I know many people do not kniw about Interserver but maybe business owners heard about this company.

On interserver you can buy vps hosting by category wise like if your website is built with WordPress then you can buy a WordPress VPS plan.

Similarly you can buy vps hosting as per your requirement category. Inter server has 2 data centers and that’s why they provide cloud vps hosting.

This means your website is more secure from the hackers and the website serves all the content country wise.

Personally I do not use interserver at this time, but as this is a trusted company and I don’t find any dislike or negative reviews about this company.

So I add this to my list, but this is the last of our list. If your budget is low then you can try this server, and if you feel this is the best vps hosting, then you can keep the subscription. Or you can refund your money.



All the server name i provide after using them if you find any best vps hosting provider then plese let me know in the comment section, and if you want to buy a best vps hosting, then links are given in this post, Buy the hosting from my link that can help me to run this website and this did not add any extra charges to you.

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