Best web hosting for small business || My Personal Opinion Top 5 Web Hostings

Best web hosting for small business: Hey guys how are you today, I hope you are safe. Well guys if we talk about making websites or starting a small business online, then you all know the hardware we need like Hosting, domain, etc.

But the problem is people can’t decide the right resource, without any guidance a normal person can not choose the correct way.

And if I talk about Best web hosting for small business, then there’s so many web hosting companies exist on the internet, who promise you that their service is superfast then other Hosting providers.

But the sad truth is this is completely a promotional stunt, no one can promise you that their service is the world’s best service.

Especially the local web hosting companies, they are also scammers, recently I purchased hosting from a local company, and after purchasing i face so many problems.

Best web hosting for small business
Best web hosting for small business

I already shared my personal experience in my previous post, go here if you want to know. So the question is who is the Best web hosting for small business, and how to choose the right web hosting.

So don’t worry my friends this post will help you to choose Best web hosting for your small business/website.

Hi guys my name is Viswanath and I am a professional blogger. I have many websites in different niches, and I am always making websites for my clients and my Subscribers, so maybe I am the right person to teach you about all the digital marketing tools.

If you trust on me then without wasting time let’s start our today’s title Best web hosting for small business.

Note: all the Hosting providers links are connected with my Affiliate marketing account, this means if you purchase by clicking my link then I got some commission, and it cannot add any extra charges to you. So please buy the products by clicking my links, this can help me to run this website and share these types of tips.

Namecheap web hosting. (Best web hosting for small business)

Best web hosting for small business
Best web hosting for small business

Guys if you are my old Subscriber then you definitely know I always promote Namecheap hosting to beginners. Because this is very cheap web hosting, and comes with very good features.

I use Namecheap hosting for my static websites like SEO tools, Article spinner etc, and the Namecheap can handle 10k visitors per day.

This means the website can handle 300k visitors per month if your website customization is good.

Namecheap hosting provides SSD storage and the free SSL for every domains, that can help you to secure your website.

This web hosting startup plan is 1.18$ per month, and in this plan you can host 3 websites, and I don’t think there is any other hosting provider who provide this type of powerful features.

I really love this hosting, but some people share wrong information on YouTube, that’s because the Namecheap commission is low.


Definitely guys the hosting price is low so the commission is low, that’s why people don’t promote this hosting.

But due to better performance and good support Namecheap has a huge customer base, and the domain prices are too cheap on Namecheap. (Best web hosting for small business)

So you must try the Namecheap hosting for your Small business. I don’t recommend the first plan because it is quite slow go with the second and last plan.

Hostinger web hosting. (Good for simple websites)

Now hostinger is one of the popular web hosting companies, and people promote it a lot, that’s because Hostinger hires many Youtubers to promote their business.

I know Hostinger is a good company but this is only for small businesses, that’s why i add it to this list.

Hostinger provides Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated hosting, and many more, but people always go with shared hosting.

Best web hosting for small business
Best web hosting for small business

And I also like shared Hosting too, so last time I purchased a shared hosting plan from Hostinger. And then I installed the Rehub theme.

And then I check the website speed and the speed is 23 on mobile phone 78 on Desktop without any cache plugin. (Best web hosting for small business)

And when I use Wp rocket the speed is 57 on mobile phone 89 on the Desktop, this is remind me that the hosting is not that much powerful.

So I claimed a refund and I was just surprised the refund was credited within 10 minutes.

All though Hostinger Cloud hosting is much faster than shared hosting, but you need to spend more money for that hosting.

So on an average the Hostinger can be use for a small business, small means very small you can’t accept 5k users per day.

Buy from Hostinger

So maybe the hostinger is right choice for you, if you trust on this company then you can check out. the link is given below.

Reselerclub hosting. (Best web hosting for small business)

Reselerclub hosting is under IG group, means you can trust on this company but you can not accept the best service.

But for a small business resellerclub is the one of best choice, they provide SSD storage with free SSL and Free CDN systems.

Also you can use Cpanel on resellerclub every hosting package, and their interface is so easy to use, this is my second time that I use Resellerclub hosting.

Best web hosting for small business
Best web hosting for small business

But I use this hosting only for my small website like minimum product with simple website layout.

Also their Support system is quite different and good, you can manage everything without contacting any support person, which is really good thing.

Last time I contact to the Resellerclub hosting support for my SSL activation, and they will help me in just 10 minutes, even they Install my WordPress site too.

The support team was superb and the hosting features are also good. But The first plan is not good, if you want to run a larger business then you have to buy the Resellerclub VPS hosting.

But for local businesses the Resellerclub is Best web hosting for small business.

The Resellerclub has many hosting options even though they have Windows hosting too, also they have HDD and SSD storage.

And both are price different so don’t confuse buy always SSD storage hosting, Resellerclub has 3 data centers US, UK and India.

But the hosting is very well managed, so that data centers are not matter. You can go with any data centers.

By the way, I recommend the Shared Pro web hosting plan, if your business is small. Buy it if you want.

Buy From Resellerclub

Fastcomet web hosting. (Best web hosting for small business)

Best web hosting for small business
Best web hosting for small business

Fastcomet is one of my favorite web hosting, and this is a Best web hosting for small business.

On Fastcomet you can get 3 types of servers like shared hosting, Cloud hosting and the dedicated CPU server.

But one thing I don’t like about this hosting, that is Domain registration, on fastcomet you need to pay extra if you want to buy the domain name.

I think they should give a free domain name in this price range, but if we ignore this then this hosting is the Best web hosting for small business.

On fast comet you can get a very good feature, i recommend Fastcloud Plus plan if you want to run a small business, and for a normal Blog website you can go with any plans.

Fastcomet also provides SSD storage, free ssl, Cpanel as other hosting providers, so this is a normal thing. (Best web hosting for small business)

Buy From Fastcomet

I like their Cloud technology which is available in every hosting plans, this hosting selling cloud servers in different names. So no doubt this is a very good hosting.

Hostarmada hosting. Super good for every websites.

Best web hosting for small business
Best web hosting for small business

If you are searching for the Best web hosting for small business then this hosting is best for you. and it is my favorite hosting. I always use this hosting for my every large website and my all Ecommerce website too.

I always recommend Hostarmada for any kind of website, because this company really impressed me.

I like their packages, i like their support, i like their technology which they use to provide hosting, and i love their server speed.

It is 99% all over the world no matter what your server datacenter is, this hosting server provides 90% up speed all over the world.

Even our is based on Hostarmada, you can check our website speed too. When I research for a better server I found many hosting providers who claim that their server is 99% uptime. But when I use it hardly they provide 60 to 80% uptime.

And when I found Hostarmada I was surprised that how this web hosting is performed, then I moved my all the websites to this hosting provider.

Although Hostarmada uses Nagenix server and lite speed server, and Pure SSD, and here you find all the cloud hosting. (Best web hosting for small business)

On other hosting I can’t recommend their first plan but I suggest you to buy Hostarmada any hosting package.

As all the hosting companies provide free SSL, SSD storage, cPanel, Backup, etc, you can get these all features on Hostarmada. And on Hostarmada you can get a free Domain name, which is really a good thing.

And I really love the datacenter sifting feature on Hostarmada. Last time I use Singapore datacenter, but sometimes I found the datacenter is not good for my website, because my targeted audience is from the USA so I decided to shift my data center location.

And you won’t believe when I contact Hostarmada to change my data center, they start sifting it immediately, and my server data center is sifted in 1 hour, and they don’t charge any extra money from me.

That’s why I love this hosting and this is my top no.1 hosting company. 

Which is capable for any kind of business and websites. So my recommendation is to buy Hostarmada service so that you can fall in love with your website speed.

Also their support system is super fast and all the staff are user friendly, they have complete knowledge about the technology and web server.

So this is our today’s top hosting company in this list. I think no one can beat Hostarmada even I compare it with Siteground and the winner is Hostarmada.

So the Best web hosting for small business is Hostarmada. Buy if you want to run a better business shop.

Buy From Hostarmada


Dear users, in this post I share my personal experience about all the hosting companies, and after using so many companies I decided to provide this top 5 best web hosting for small business, so don’t take it personal.

If you think I am wrong then you can use the hosting companies services and provide me the results that can prove me i was wrong. If you do this then i can remove this post immediately.

And if you like this post then do share it with your friends and family.

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