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Well hey guys welcome to another post and here today we are going to discuss the ELCB Working principle, if you are an electrician or maybe you are just searching this on google just for getting knowledge then you are in the right place to learn everything about ELCB. The last time I share knowledge about DC motor or Potentiometer if you miss that post then you will miss a very informative knowledge.

What is ELCB?

ELCB means Earth leakage circuit breaker, and it is used in Houses industrial areas, and many more places, this electrical machine is very effective to safe your products or your house.

ELCB can detect small stray voltages on the metal enclosures of electrical equipment and it shut down the electricity when voltage levels exceed the danger limit. Due to this you and your products are safe from damage.

ELCB full form

ELCB stands for “Earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB)”

How does an ELCB work?

In ELCB There is a special type of latching relay that is connected to the mains power supply through its switching contacts so that the ELCB cuts off the power when a power leak is detected.

We share a diagram of ELCB. You can learn more please read below.

ELCB Working principle, ELCB full form
ELCB Working principle, ELCB full form

ELCB connection?

This is so simple if you are a professional electrician then this is normal work for you, just follow the steps below to connect an ELCB anywhere.

  • In ELCB right6 side is always Neutral input
  • Connect the black wire in ELCB right terminal
  • Now connect the RED wire (+) phase in the left side terminal (If your circuit is 3 phase then get a 3 phase ELCB and connect it RYB method)
  • Now connect the output wire for loading, but remember neutral is always common and phases are divided so do not mix it.
ELCB Working principle, ELCB full form
ELCB Working principle, ELCB full form


If we are talking about elcb then this is more safer than MCB but this is also irritating, sometimes earthing leaks in our house during the rainy season, and if you are using ELCB then this can detect the leakage current and can cut off your power supply.

I know this is indicate danger but if a small earthing is leakage in our home that is not danger for us, but ELCB detect that and shut down the power supply, it is so irritating, and to found that leakage is very difficult because earthing leakage cab happen in your electrical board it can happen in your four ceiling wiring, etc

But in MCB it is a direct main circuit breaker means it only shuts down the current if Positive or negative wire bothe are jointed or any short circuit, it is not that much safe but it is good for home.

Well I share some important features about MCB or ELCB please read the table below.

It stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker.
Rated current not more than 125 Ampere.
Its interrupting current rating is under 10KA
Judging from their power capacities, MCB is mainly used for low Breaking capacity requirements mainly domestic.
Its trip characteristics are normally not adjustable since they basically cater to low circuits.
It stands for Earth leackage Circuit Breaker.
Rated Current up to 1600A
Their interrupting current ranges from around 10KA -85KA
MCCB is mainly used for both low and high Breaking capacity requirements mainly industrial.
Its trip current may be fixed as well as adjustable for overload and magnetic setting.

Which is better MCB or ELCB?

ELCB Working principle, ELCB full form
ELCB Working principle, ELCB full form

I think MCB is quite safer for home and it quickly restores the power supply. When it comes to house applications, MCB is the most preferred choice for overload and short circuit protection.

And you can reset your home power supply very fast, and the most important thing is that you don’t have any maintenance costs. And the ELCB cost is very high but it is not good for home.

MCB cost:

ELCB cost:

Which is better ELCB or RCCB?

The RCCB is better then ELCB because it can detect any type of leakage or earth fault, elcb is just detected earthing leakage, and it trip unnecessary, I always prefer RCCB or MCB to use in your home or official area.

What causes ELCB trip?

This is happen when a appliance or any circuit has leak the earthing or any types of power leakage, sometimes ELCB can trip when circuit got shot means the phase or neutral wire both are joint, Sometimes or home appliances leak body earthing and in this case if you are using ELCB then definitely it gonna cut off the power supply.

In simple words when you flow too much electricity through an ELCB and your ELCB cannot handle the excess current load it is gonna shut down the power supply.


Well guys we share knowledge about ELCB in this post and we think that this post helps you to find the real knowledge for your education. If you are thinking that we add some wrong information or we miss some facts then please comment us we will add or remove that within 24 hours. Thanks for reading.

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