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Guys if you are a movie lover and trey to download latest movies for free then this HDmovieshub is only for you, this web portal is provide all the latest and old movies for free of cost you can download any movies or TV shows from HDmovieshub website, but the problem is this website is completely illegal and if you are still using this website then stay on this post to learn more about HDmovieshub website.

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What is HDmovieshub?


HDmovieshub is a pirated movie downloading website where anyone can download latest or old movies for free of cost, But this website is not just for movie download you can find all the latest web series like Netflix or Amazon prime video content for free of cost.

In short, HDmovieshub is a completely illegal website which shares copied content, and people also want all the movies for free. That’s why HDmovieshub still exist on the internet.

If we are talking about how HDmovieshub work? Then this is very simple HDmovieshub website is a copied pirated website and that is the reason peoples are visiting this website many times, and in return due to high traffics this website earn lots of money but not from the Google adsense ads this website using third-party ad networks like Adstera and many more.

Sometimes this website use unofficial ads network to increase the earning, When you visit HDmovieshub website you can see then website design is very simple and easy to access, and when you click on any movies or TV show this website redirect to a new page and here you can read information about the movie like movie trailer or images.

You need to scroll down this page after scroll down you can see the download buttons with different file formats, now just click on any buttons this button will redirect you to a new page maybe it will redirect you to an advertising website so be careful for this.

Do not click on any ads or images just click on the download button and when you confirm that this is the real download button then jump to the next step, now click on the verifying option like verify to unlock the download button.

Remember this types of website owners are very clever. They do not host the main file on the main website home page, because they know promoting any type of paid content is completely illegal that’s why they use different websites to download the movie.

And ya when you clicking on the download button in HDmovieshub website you will be redirected to a another website means another domain name, and maybe you can see adsense ads on that website, I know Adsense not support any type of piracy but if we using a decent website then definitely adsense will approve your site.

And this is the way to earn money using adsense, but do not think that you are also doing this job. This type of adsense is always at risk, so do not do this type of job.

But the question is if piracy is ban in India or some other countries, why does the Government allow these websites and why google rank this type of site in top position?

Why does Google rank this website on top?

The answer is very simple google is not a human it is just a search engine and it works with it’s algorithm, when a huge amount of traffic search this website name and visit directly to this website google understand that this website has some quality content that’s why google rank this website on top. But after some times google will detect the actual thing and ban these type of pirated domains.

But HDmovieshub site owner is very clever and he/she sift the main website data to another domain name, and that’s why this type of pirated websites does not has a fixed URL. HDmovieshub always change domain name.

What I like on HDmovieshub?


Well, I don’t like anything on HDmovieshub because this is a pirated website but if we talk about website design then I like it’s movie categories and simple easy access layout, Movie download is very easy on HDmovieshub website.

An uneducated persian can visit HDmovieshub website and start downloading movies for free of cost. No need to pay anything, no need to create any account.

What is a legal method to watch movies online?

The legal method is get a paid OTT subscription like Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5, etc, these are all legall entertainment platforms where you can watch or download movies or TV shows by paying a very cheap amount.

Wel we do not support any type of piracy but people also search for HDmovieshub live link,but the truth is there is no any fixed live link of HDmovieshub website because they always change there URL, and I can not provide current live link.

But you can search on Google if google not showing any links real link the you can use VPN network to access HDmovieshub website.


We do not support any piracy nor we hat HDmovieshub website this post is just for educational purpose please don’t take it personally, If you think that we are add any wrong information the please contact us comment box is open for you 24/7, and if you are like this post then do a free share with you friends.


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