HostArmada Review PROS & CONS (2022)

HostArmada Review PROS & CONS
HostArmada Review 1

HostArmada Review, Get 70% OFF on web hosting plan on Host armada, as well as benefits you get, pros and cons, etc. on Guide Class website.

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Are you a web developer or you are just a normal blogger and want to start a blog to earn money online This post will help you to choose a better hosting service. Stay on this post Today I am going to share a real review about the Hostarmada web hosting service. I’ll compare two most popular web hosting on this page and also I will share some pros and cons about this hosting company.

Hi guys my name is Viswanath Dhinda and I’m a professional blogger. This website is dedicated to new beginners who want to start a blog to generate some revenue from the internet. I think my posts have helped you before, if you like me and my tips then do a free share with your friends.

What is Hostarmada:

HostArmada Review PROS & CONS
HostArmada Review PROS & CONS

Hostarmada is a hosting provider company that was started in 2020 and this is one of the best hosting companies I think because I used almost every hosting provider’s services but no one can provide a service like Hostarmada.

On Hostarmada you can register domain names like .com .org .in .uk .pk etc, and it is very easy to use. This hosting company provides cloud servers even its shared hosting plans are also cloud shared hosting, and some packages you can find with nginx server technology.

Hostarmada is an us-based hosting company that provides SSD servers with reliable or affordable price range, now let’s talk about its service details.

What are the Hostarmada pro features?

  • Hostarmada provides all the hosting plans with SSD storage and low price range, on Hostarmada people can easily choose their hosting plans and the data centre you want.
  • This hosting provider has many data centres and you can choose any data centre with the same price, there is no extra hidden charge.
  • This hosting platform provides free domains in all the hosting packages and also it provides free ssl certificates to unlimited domains.
  • If you are the first customer then you will get some extra discount on additional platforms like Wp rocket, Hostarmada is providing 20% discount coupons on wp rocket plugin if you buy hosting from host armada.
  • You can get a nginx server with the same price, which is the biggest change in the hosting industry.
  • This platform provides a huge amount of bandwidth in a low price range.
  • If you are the first customer then you are getting an extra discount on every hosting plan.
  • Mainly one feature that I just love it, if you think that your site goes down in your current data centre then you can change your data centre any time, and Hostarmada does not ask you any extra charges for doing this, I think this is the best feature on Hostarmada.

Hostarmada cons

Well, there is no measure cons in Hostarmada but as a valuable customer and a real hosting review i can share some of the cons on Hostarmada.

  • Firstly this hosting company provides servers in a low price range, but it is just for the first time on renew time this charges a high amount.
  • Sometimes the host armada can add some extra unused files to the file directory.
  • SSL are not working if you are using Cloudflare, meaning only Cloudflare SSL is active on your site host armada deactivates SSL, but after removing Cloudflare it is activated automatically.
  • Shared hosting packages are very good but if you are a beginner and want to buy VPS hosting from Hostarmada then the price starts from 41$.
  • Domain transfer is not activated automatically. You should talk with customer care and they will transfer your domain.
  • Primary email can not change if your email account is hacked then you lose your Hostarmada account too.
  • Payment options are not country wise, if you are from India or any other country then you should use your international card or PayPal.
  • Hostarmada said that there are no cancellation fees but I recently bought a hosting plan and after 6 days I cancelled it, but they did not refund me 100% money. My package price is 14,000rs but I got a refund of just 8,000rs, they said they can not refund the add ons price like SSL, etc. I just do not understand what those add-ons are.

Now let’s compare Hostarmada vs Hostinger.

If you are in the blogging industry then definitely you heard about Hostinger everyone said that Hostinger is a very big or best hosting provider.

Everyone said that this is the best and most reliable hosting company and its Uptime is also good, but after buying hosting from Hostinger I face so many problems, first of all, this hosting company is making fool its users.

HostArmada Review PROS & CONS
HostArmada Review PROS & CONS

It show one price in front and when you add any package to the cart this redirect to a new page and here it show you if you buy the package for 36 months the price is the same as per front price, but if you buy for 12 month the price is increased.

I mean what the F***, I mean why if your price is different then why you show the lowest price in front, any way I buy a hosting from hostinger for 12 months and after buying I face many problems I share my problems in the list below.

  • SSL is not for unlimited domains, this is just for 1 Domain. If you add any extra website then you should buy SSL from hostinger with paying extra money.
  • Management is not easy for a beginner. Every hosting company provides cPannel but hostinger provides H-panel which is very difficult to use as a beginner.
  • WordPress install is not good, it only instals with Https:// not with Https://www. If you want to go with Https://www. Then you should edit your htaccess file.
  • Domain transfer is also not good hostinger to hostinger. If you want to transfer then you need to talk with their customer care, and this is so irritating.
  • Customer care centre is always busy, they replay after 1 hour meaning if your site got hacked and if you need any urgent support then you should wait for 30 minutes to 1 Hour.
  • Hostinger said they provide 99.9% uptime, but after installing generatepress theme free version this hosting down my site 99% to 47% on mobile or 85% on desktop.
  • Also there Cloud hosting or any other hosting planse price are very high then Hostarmada

But after all this problem hostinger is a very trusted hosting company and this is quite good for beginners, because it has many payment options world wide. I think this is the best reason why a huge amount of bloggers use hostinger. This is a good company and it is a trusted hosting provider if you are using hostinger VPS or cloud hosting plans then definitely this can provide you 100% uptime.

Hostarmada review.

After using so many hosting companies, I found Hostarmada when I visited this hosting platform. I thought this is maybe similar to other hosting companies.

And to check or provide a review I should buy hosting from the host armada so I bought a speed repair plan and it is cloud shared hosting on host armada.

After buying I add a website, then I start to create my website with generate press theme.

After completing the site I checked it’s speed on google speed checker, an I was shocked this hosting provided me 91 on mobile and 94 on desktop and Page speed score is A(99%) on Gtmetrix.

HostArmada Review PROS & CONS
HostArmada Review PROS & CONS

Even my website has 16 plugins, 121 posts, 18 pages and many HD images. After all this my website speed never down.

I checked the speedrunning for 30 days and I never found any downtime nor did I face any problems in my website or hosting management.

After this I checked the host armada support centre and it is superb, i think they are always sitting in front of the system.

You will get in touch within 1 minute and the support is very good. Last time I had a problem in my Cloudflare account. Due to this my website is slowing down.

And the I talked with the host armada support center. They login to my Cloudflare account and solve my problem.

After that I changed my data centre 3 times and this also happened within 30 minutes, and they didn’t charge me extra.

Host armada will show the real price on the front page or backend. They didn’t charge any hidden things.

They are providing world’s best servers and their bandwidth is very good. My hosting handles 700 real-time users at a time. So this is a good thing for a beginner blogger.

Why do I recommend host armada?

Because the host armada provides me the real experience on the hosting server and it has channel, also the price is low and provides so many addons like SSL, domain, high Bandwidth, etc.

Why I avoid local hosting?

Local hostings are do not have their own servers they are bought from other hosting providers and then divide it to various parts.

Due to this, features are decreased and performance is down and a wrist server can not give you success on blogging.

Last time I purchased one of our local hosting and they turned off their servers after 12 nights, because they wanted to save electricity or bandwidth.

If this also happens on your server then your website can’t rank on google. If google detect your website downtime then google send your website to sand box.

That’s why I avoid local hosting or you should also avoid local or cheap web hosting companies.

Is Hostarmada good?

The answer is yes this is a very good hosting company that provides superfast service to customers.

Its website performance Uptime and management panel is extremely good. I highly recommend this company.

What Does HostArmada Offer?

So why should you go for HostArmada when there are formerly a ton of other web hosts? What does HostArmada give offers? Here are the top 5 BIGGEST benefits of using their hosting.

Faster website loading times

Still, you’ve presumably heard about the significance of faster lading websites, If you’re blogging for a while. Faster loading times make your website callers happier and it also helps with better SEO (as Google loves speed!).

Google has indicated that website speed ( also “ runner speed”) is one of the signals used to rank runners. Google hates slow-lading websites as it significantly downgrades the stoner experience.

Backlinko conducted a study where they anatomized over one million hunt results on Google and discovered that average runner cargo speed for any given website was a huge factor in ranking advanced.

So if you’re in the quest for the fastest website hosting to serve up your point, try HostArmada as their technology improves your overall website loading times.

Then’s how HostArmada achieves brisk website lading times.

  • Operation of pall SSD drives ( briskly reading and writing times, up to 300 faster than the conventional HDD)
  • . LiteSpeed Cache which helps speed up WordPress spots
  • Memcached Cache
  • Offers free Cloudflare CDN so anyone browsing your point from anywhere across the world can witness briskly loading times
  • Brotli contraction (reduces runner size along with the runner lading time)
  • Above all, HostArmada uses LiteSpeed Web Garçon which outperforms both Apache and NGINX web servers!

Lower number of guests per garçon

Utmost people use participating hosting plans because of ONE reason “ affordability”. Yes, participating hosting plans are extremely affordable for everyone.

But there’s one big concern with participating hosting the hosting coffers participate with too numerous people on the same garçon.

What happens when too numerous druggies use the coffers from a single garçon? Every website hosted on it takes too important time to load. Slower loading times, frequent time-out issues – all these issues be because of that.

One great thing about using new web hosting platforms like HostArmada is that there will be less number of people using the same garçon.

That means you’ll be getting better coffers similar as CPU, speed, performance, and low garçon cargo. So you won’t have to compromise on the speed or time-out as they also claim a99.9 uptime.

Not only that, all their participating hosting plans come with pall SSD drives as they perform 300 faster than HDD drives.

Free website migration service

Are you using a web host that you don’t like? Do you want to resettle your point (s) to a better hosting like HostArmada? Also, you can do that painlessly as they offer free point migration.

They will resettle everything starting from lines, flyers to all the databases, and emails to their waiters at free of cost.

HostArmada Review PROS & CONS
HostArmada Review PROS & CONS

All you need to do is to communicate their client service, buy their hosting, and ask them for free migration. They will do the rest for you!

Piecemeal from the free website migration service, you can also mileage of the following services at free of cost.

WordPress installation (yes they will also install WordPress for you if you want)
Free SSL renewal on all disciplines as long as they remain pointed to their hosting service

Free transfer of your WordPress website Above all, you’ll also get a free sphere name and they will renew it for FREE as long as you remain their client. So it’s a great chance if you haven’t bought a sphere yet and are looking for an affordable host to run your point.

Bulletproof security

Whether you know it or not, thousands of WordPress websites get addressed every single day.

Once your point gets addressed, it gets infected with malware and in utmost cases, hackers will use your website to deflect druggies to other vicious spots. It happed to us too!

That’s why you need to take care of your point security indeed if you’re running a new point.
When it comes to website security, your web host plays a crucial part. Fortunately, the HostArmada hosting terrain is equipped with a ton of inconceivable security features to secure all the spots hosted on their waiters.

Then are some of the security features that are notable.

The operation of “ Connection Limit” which allows for the number of requests per second from a single IP address to be a certain limit. It reduces the threat of DoS attacks.

Web Operation Firewall Solution (WAF) is handed which takes care of pitfalls similar as XSS attack or SQL injection.

Prevention of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks Piecemeal from the below, they also constantly perform malware scanning, live security monitoring, intrusion discovery, visionary zero-day attack detention, and so on.

Offers a wide range of gifts!

Another major reason to consider HostArmada to host your point is they offer a long list of inconceivable gifts which are listed below.

Free SSL instruments are needed if you want to secure your sphere/ point from HTTP to HTTPS secured interpretation and they establish a secure translated connection between cybersurfer and garçon. Whether you know it or not, Google gives further weight to the spots/ disciplines with HTTPS.

HostArmada offers free SSL instruments for an UNLIMITED number of disciplines ( depending on your hosting plan). The stylish part? They will install SSL instruments for free if you need help.

Free diurnal backups Maintaining diurnal backups of your websites is a daunting task. But you need to take regular backups of your point if you do n’t want to lose any website’s data. Utmost web hosts do n’t give free backups or they charge an redundant decoration for furnishing backups but HostArmada offers them for free.

The good thing about HostArmada is all their pall SSD hosting plans have automated cPanel backup service actuated by dereliction. So you can restore your lines in case you lose data accidentally.

Free sphere register or transfer Utmost web hosting companies charge redundant for sphere name enrollment. Fortunately, HostArmada offers free sphere enrollment.

The stylish part? You don’t have to pay anything for sphere renewal as long as you remain their client. Also, they give a free sphere transfer if you formerly have a sphere.

Free private DNS Except for their introductory participated hosting plan, you’ll get access to their FREE private DNS. A private DNS ( sphere name garçon) is generally created with a sphere you control to replace nameservers given to you by your web host.

A long list of stupendous hosting features, right? So are you ready to try their hosting? You can use the following link to get a 70% instant reduction on their participating hosting plans.

Hostarmada affiliate program.

Many people want to earn money online by doing affiliate marketing, and Hostarmada can fulfil your requirements.

Because this company gives you a minimum of 50$ per sale, if someone buys a shared hosting from host armada using your affiliate link then you got a commission of 50$. If you have an audience then Hostarmada can make you Rich.

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In this post, I add my personal experience with Hostarmada web hosting, also I share some pros and cons if you think that I was wrong then you can contact me using the comment box, and ya if you like this post then do a free share with your friends because sharing is caring.

HostArmada Review PROS & CONS
HostArmada Review 1

HostArmada Review, Get 70% OFF on web hosting plan on Host armada, as well as benefits you get, pros and cons, etc. on Guide Class website.

Product SKU: HOST

Product Brand: Hostarmada

Product In-Stock: InStock

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