Hostgator reviews || Pros & Cons, My personal opinion [2022]

Hostgator Reviews: After using many web hosting companies I feel bored, which means not for my work but every hosting has the same layout. I think now I should go with some other platforms what you said tell me in the comment section.

But to sift any other platform or manage the website without WordPress, this is a little bigger or confusing thing.

Means WordPress is a little CSS platform that everyone can use or modify, but on other platforms, you need to do everything by yourself.

There is no way to install plugins, there’s no way to add the post addons, there is no way to do SEO just install a plugin.

So for this, you need a better server who can handle everything, and Hostgator is maybe one of them, so today we are going to discuss about Hostgator reviews.

Hostgator reviews
Hostgator reviews

Hi guys my name is Viswanath and I am a professional blogger, I have many websites and I am always making websites for my clients and my Subscribers.

And I use many hosting providers. I also use many Local hosting companies who claim that their service is better.

And after using many hosting services I have opinions about Hostgator reviews, and today I am gonna share Hostgator reviews, stay tuned and read the post completely.

Note: all the reviews I share after using the service or tools, so please don’t take it personally, if you think I am wrong then you can share your experience with me, if you prove me wrong then I delete the post immediately.

What is Hostgator?

Hostgator Reviews
Hostgator Reviews

Hostgator is a reliable and fast server providing platform, which provides shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated server, WordPress hosting, etc.

Also Hostgator is a very good domain management platform, where people can register some top-level TLD like .com, .net, or .org etc. [ Hostgator reviews ]

This is also a very good platform to manage websites and Domain names, Hostgator was started in 2002 in Florida by Brent Oxley.

Although he was also confused at that time regarding the domain name means the or but finally he registered the domain name on 22 October 2002.

And now Hostgator is a faster hosting provider as we all know. And it has a huge customer base. Their Shared Baby plan is very famous.

But as every hosting provider has some Pros and Cons, Similarly Hostgator has some Pros and cons. So let’s know them.

Hostgator pros and cons.


  • Plenty of storage: All plans come with SSD storage, But we know all our website files combined should not be more than 250,000.
  • Flexible terms: Hosting plans can be purchased on 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months basis.
  • Many programming languages: One of the hosting providers that support more languages. PHP, Ruby On Rails, Perl, and Python are all allowed.


  • Tricky prices and fees: Very cheap prices the first term and expensive upon renewal. and also they charge some extra for backups, Malware, etc.
  • Constant upsells: Like many other EIG products, their backend is packed with unnecessary upsell options.
  • Uptime could be better: They should improve their uptime. I am not satisfied with this speed.
  • Poor backups: Unless you pay for an add-on, you have access to only 1 backup.
  • Missing advanced features: For example, you don’t get staging areas and it doesn’t have a built-in server-side caching system.
  • Unreliable support: At times, I found myself waiting over 30 minutes to be connected with the support team.
  • Unmetered bandwidth: They don’t limit the traffic your site can get.

Hostgator shared hosting reviews.

No doubt Hostgator is a very good hosting company, but it has some sort of features, like disk space, User requirements, etc.

Hostgator charge 2.75$ per month for a single website plan, but they can’t show how many users can handle that hosting.

Even on Hostgator you can’t find how much storage you get. This can be findable after purchasing the service. (Hostgator reviews)

Although you can get your money refunded within 45 days, but as we know we don’t have that much time to research this.

So it is better if the hostgator shows all the features that they provide to a customer. (Hostgator reviews)

On Hostgator shared hosting plan you get a Free top-level TLD, Free SSL, Cpanel, free website builder which is completely useless and unaffordable.

Also hostgator provides you a 45 days money back guarantee, so this can help you to choose the right Hosting package.

I already wrote a post about Best Hosting for Small business, you can read it if you want.

On Hostgator I don’t recommend the First shared hosting plan, always go with better options, because the hosting is your website House.

You can go with the Baby and Business plan. I can’t tell you that how many users can handle these hosting packages.

But this is good for Small businesses or normal static websites, and for learning too. (Hostgator reviews)

Buy Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator VPS hosting.

Hostgator Reviews
Hostgator Reviews

Shared hosting is not good for larger businesses, but the Hostgator VPS hosting is best for any kind of startup business.

I highly recommend the Hostgator VPS server. On this server you can really feel the website speed and performance, but I know the price is too high.

So normal people can not afford this hosting, that’s why people don’t like Hostgator. If I compare the Hostgator VPS plan with Hostarmada shared hosting. Then this is the very big difference between the price and performance.

The Hostarmada provides quite better service, there is only one cons on Hostgator that is price.

Although you got SSD storage, Free SSL, Dedicated  IP address too. But due to the high price we can’t use Hostgator VPS hosting.

Also Hostgator didn’t show the bandwidth number, so we can not know our hosting users  capacity.

Means after buying from Hostgator you are always in a confusion zone. And Hostgator can down your site anytime, by providing you an unmetered bandwidth.

If we ignore the price and Bandwidth then the Hostgator is the best hosting platform. (Hostgator reviews)

Hostgator domain registration:

Basically the domain registration is a name buying fact right, and we can register this name from anywhere.

But some platforms are not good, like local hosting and domain providers, they don’t have a proper DNS system.

Last time I bought a .xyz domain from a local web hosting platform, and after buying the domain name, they need 2 days to activate it, and after active my domain I can’t connect my domain to the server.

When I contacted the provider he said to use cloudflare for manage my domain DNS. This is ridiculous.

So you should go with a trusted company, who provides a proper DNS system, and who gives us 100% flexibility, so that we can transfer our domain anytime anywhere.

And Hostgator is a very good domain management platform, but again their price is high, you should spend 12 $ for a .com domain, but on other platforms like Namecheap. .com domain price is 6$ to 7$.

And Namecheap is also a number one domain management platform. We all know it very well.

So on an average the Hostgator is a very good platform. But the price is very high, that’s why people don’t like Hostgator.

What I like on Hostgator.

On Hostgator I like their VPS server and the shared Business plan. Also I like the support system on Hostgator, which is available for 24/7. Also, I like the website speed means the server quality is superb, and we can run any kind of website with Hostgator.

Hostgator is a trusted platform to get web hostings, Domains, and other digital tools.

What is the cons?

I think Hostgator is a low level hosting company, well that’s my personal thought,because they charge for everything. Lots of Extra Fees for ‘True’ Backups, Gmail, and Malware. And Frankly I don’t like this.

It creates lot’s of confusion, and HostGator pulls two pricing tricks that are pretty standard in the industry.

The speed is average but I am not satisfied with this speed, you have to buy the VPS and Dedicated server for better speed.

Rather than this hostgator has lot’s of cons you can see it in the comparison table. Which I compare with the Hostarmada.

Hostgator shared Hosting
Single website
Unmeterd SSD Storage
Unmetered bandwidth
Free SSL certificate
Free domain included
Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer 
Price – $2.75/mo
Hostarmada shared Hosting
1 Website
15 GB Cloud SSD Storage
2 Cores CPU
FREE Domain Register/Transfer
~10 000 Unique Visitors
7 Daily Backups
Price – $ 3.99/mo

Do I recommend Hostgator?

Simple answer is yes I always recommend Hostgator, but for those people who are able to pay high money, because Hostgator shared hosting are not that much effective. Batter is buy VPS plan.

The simple answer is Hostgator is best for large businesses, not for beginners.

The conclusion. (Hostgator reviews)

Guy’s this is my personal experience about Hostgator. I share after using it if you think that I am wrong then share your experience with provef, if you prove me wrong then I will delete this post immediately. And if you want to get a better server for your small website then visit this post.

If you like this post then share it with your friends and family.


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