How to connect domain to server or Hosting 2022

To connect a domain ne to hosting you need to buy hosting from any hosting provider, after getting the hosting package: In our blogging or search marketing industry many people join daily and many people leave this way due to demotivation because after watching so many videos on youtube or reading hundreds of posts they are not able to rank the website on gogle top results. Even some people are do not know how to connect a domain to server.

Many people ask me this question every day sir how I connect my domain to server/hosting, because I buy hosting from another platform and my domain is on other platform.

And my answer is copy the both nameserver and past it on your domain DNS system, but still people can’t understand how to do this.

So today in this post I am gonna share tutorial about How to connect a domain to hosting/server. Hi guys my name is Viswanath and I am the owner of Dailywebsite Youtube channel, I always creates websites to get adsense approval or for my clients, and I have a verry good knowledge about Blogging, if you are a beginner then you should watch my videos on youtube just search Daily website and you can touch with me.

How to buy domain name?

How to connect domain to server
How to connect domain to server

This is a very simple trick and most popular question asked my viewrs or my group members, if you want to buy a domain name then click here to proceed,.

A good domain platform can help you to make everything simple that’s why I always recommend a trusted source to my viewers.

Well there are many domain providers available in the market but I recommend namecheap to buy domain name, allthough namecheap hosting is not so good but the domain and Support is very good for a beginner.

Namecheap helo you to connect your domain to server even they help to install any Cms platform like WordPress.

This is a verry good thing on namecheap that’s why I recommend this platform to use as a domain registration dashboard.

But the question is how to buy a domain name from Namecheap? So let’s jump on the next paragraph to know more details.

Step 1 Visit namecheap website and click on the domain search option.

  • Then search your domain name which you want to buy. If domain is available for buying then namecheap will show you add to cart option.
  • Now hope your domain is available and redy to buy. If yes then click on the cart Icon on right side.
  • Now click on the check out option to complite the process.
  • Now you can see many options there luke you can on domain privacy, you can get a hosting for it you can get VPN too, everything is available here, if you don’t want to buy anything else then simply scroll down and click on the confirmation button.
  • Now you can see namecheap ask you to create a account, if you have already create an account then login using your Username and password. Otherwise create a new account using your Email Id or name.
  • Now click on the create and continue button.
  • Here you can see there is an option where namecheap want to add your payment method. You can use your Debit card or credit card, also you can use your paypal Account, and if you have bitcoin then you can also use them.
  • Choose your payment method and click on the pay now button.
  • now wait for the confirmation process to complete, after completing your order namecheap show you to manage your domain name.
  • That’s it visit your dashboard and start creating your website.

Note: Namecheap is not accept Indian UPI app payment methods nor you can use your local debit card for it, if you want to use your debit card then turn on your International transaction.

In this way you can buy a domain name from namecheap, other websites are the same just a little bit different on the account creation page.

How to connect domain to server?

To connecting a domain ne to hosting you need to buy a hosting from any hosting provider, after getting the hosting package you have 2 nameservers which is provided by the hosting provider.

  • This can like this
  • Now copy this name server and past it into your domain DNS system.
  • Open your domain name management then click on the custom server.
  • Past here your hosting nameserver and save it
  • Now copy your domain name and login to your cPanel.
  • Search addons domain and open the domain addons.
  • Now past your domain name here without HTTP or HTTPS like (
  • Now scrool down and create a FTP account cPannel is very smart you need to click on the create FTP and cPannel will create it for you.
  • Now generate your password and click on the add option.
  • Now wait for at least 1 hour your domain automatically connect to your server.
  • In this way you can connect any domain to any server.

Note: some hosting providers are not providing better service, so better is go with a trusted and best hosting platform.

I recommend Namecheap for beginners and Hostarmada for startup Pro business.


In this post I share my personal experience that how I connect a domain to my hosting, you can go with this way and this is the genuine way to connect your domain name to your hosting account, but some people will connect via Cloudflare, well that was also a good option for you but not for beginners, or if you need to know about cloudflare or how to add domain name to Cloudflare then please let me know in the comment section.


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