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Hi guys, after many posts or videos, this question exists on Google: How to create a website from scratch. I know many people join blogging every day, but the problem is people don’t want to learn properly.

If you learn properly and follow the tips properly then maybe you are able to create a website in a few days.

So to teach you about How to create a website from scratch, In this post I provide some advanced details of creating a website, and I provide some hardware like hosting domain, etc. That can help your website to perform better.

How to create a website from scratch
How to create a website from scratch

Hi guys my name is Viswanath and I am a professional blogger, I have many websites and I am still making websites for my clients and my Subscribers everyday.

I have knowledge about creating websites in different ways and different layouts, so maybe I am the right person to teach you about how to create a website from scratch.

If you know me and you trust me then let’s start our today’s title How to create a website from scratch.

Get proper knowledge: How to create a website from scratch.

To create a website you need a proper knowledge about the topic, like if you want to create a food website then you should have knowledge about the food making or ingredients.

Otherwise your website goes down after some days, because people don’t like your site if the site has scraped content.

So first get knowledge about the topic and do proper research on the keyboard, take some keywords that you want to create a website.

For example if you want to run a website on Digital marketing, then you can keep some keywords in the navigation menu bar, like Hosting, Domain, Theme, WordPress, Cpannel, Databases, SSL etc.

After choosing the keywords, the next step is Buy some hardware for the website, and this is quite an important thing.

Many people buy cheap products due to low budgets, and this creates so many problems after making the website. And some people are really cheap and they just want everything to free.

And they buy such useless products or cheaper things, people buy cheap Domains from untrusted websites.

And the hosting from local companies, because there are many videos on YouTube who promote such useless products, and this is the first mistake.

How to create a website from scratch
How to create a website from scratch

To create a better website you need proper hardware.

So to do this you need a Top level TLD with a proper DNS system, and for this I recommend Namecheap, the Namecheap always provides good service.

And on Namecheap we can move our domain anytime anywhere, or connect the domain to any server at any time.

So this is the best thing for a starting website or a beginner. Also Namecheap support is so fast and the staff are very user friendly, even they install WordPress for you. So make sure to buy domain name from a trusted supplier.

I don’t force you to buy from Namecheap, there are many other platforms who provide a better service, like Godaddy, Bigrock, hostinger, etc.

But after using all these companies I just love Namecheap service. That’s why I recommend this, you can buy from your trusted source.

Buy Domain

Next step is to choose a better server.

This is the most important thing for a website, a server decides the website speed and performance.

If your server is good then your website performs better on search results, and the better web speed will help to rank on top.

Also a trusted company can provide better Storage and other facilities for the website.

A trusted company provides real SSD storage, perfect SSL, Real uptime which improve the website user experience.

I know there are many local company exist, but they are use reseller hosting packages, which means they use other company servers.

Hosting/server is your website house and the more house strong make the website more powerful.

What is the problem with local or cheap companies?

Well I already share my experience about the local companies, you can read them if you want.

On a local hosting provider you face so many problems, well to explore this I recently bought a server from a local hosting company, the name is Mewnix.

And I bought the cloud hosting for 1 year, this hosting runs superfast for 3 months, after three months the server starts creating problems.

My website goes down 2 to 3 times in one day, and that is for more than 30 to 1 hours, and when the server goes down they don’t receive my calls or chat.

Because the hosting provider knows the server is crashed, and they don’t have any word to explain the problem, because the server crashed 3 times in one day.

And I face many problems. Sometimes my website is not loading images, or sometimes it is de-indexed from search engines.

Because the search engine supports that site who has a better speed or better content, and my website (which is built on a local server) it is taking 6 to 7 second for loading.

And one day i have decided to sift my server to another hosting, and for that I contact the mewnix to transfer my Domain name, and they told me wait for 15 days.

I was ok with that because There’s no point in arguing, that’s why I decided to wait for 15 days.

And after 15 days I checked again and domain is still on mewnix, and then again I contact them and they told me wait for 24 hours, and after 24hur the domain still exists in Mewnix.

And then I force them and told theme transfer my domain immediately otherwise I rise a complaint to cyber crime.

And then they transfer the domain within 20 minutes, I mean if I buy the domain name why didn’t they give me the full control.

This is ridiculous, then i sift my website to other hosting and then it was my turn to show them, what the f*** that company is.

So make sure you have a good or trusted source.

My recommendation is Hostarmada and Namecheap, these two hosting providers are really good, and trust me guys they really fulfill your requirements.

To buy hosting from Hostarmada link is given below.

Buy Hosting

After purchasing the hardware let’s start the web creation.

How to create a website from scratch
How to create a website from scratch

To create a perfect website, you need proper knowledge of Coding like CSS javascript or HTML,etc. To learn this you can use some online platform like w3school or any other platform.

But learning coding is not so difficult, if you learn properly then no need to go anywhere. As i said follow every tips and tricks properly, that you find your way so learn with one source.

Don’t go to different sources to learn a single thing, this can create so much confusion, and you are getting demotivated.

So learn first then start making websites. To create a website from scratch, you need to go with some Platform. Like WordPress, Custom CSS, Zomla, Avante cart, etc.

And these all are quite difficult for a beginner, I can say that WordPress is a little easy to create websites and manage everything.

But WordPress is the easiest platform and this is a simple platform, but a measure of people use WordPress, specially for a blog website. So we go with WordPress.

Every CMS platform are same means the management methods are the same so don’t be scared.

If you want to create your own website with your own files, then you need to create a login base, admin base, etc. So to compress this all go with a css platform like WordPress.

So to install WordPress you need to go to your Hosting file manager, and Download the WordPress zip file from the official site. (how to create a website from scratch)

After Download zip file upload it in file manager or domain root folder, then extract the zip file and move it to the domain root folder.

In other platforms or custom css installation process is come to the next part. After extracting the file you need to visit your domain name. Then enter your database details.

If you do not create a database then create it via Mysql Database, create a database and a user and connect it together.

Then enter the database username or password to the domain box, and then set up your password and click save.

That’s it your site is live within a second, and now enter your admin panel. And start making web pages.

The most important page is the Home page, to create it you can use any page building plugin on WordPress or you can use coding for the custom css.

On WordPress you can install the Elementor plugin to create a seo friendly page. I use the Generatepress theme and it’s own page builder to create my web page.

Note: before creating pages or post make sure you install all the needed plugins like Rankmath, Table, Custom block, Contact form, etc.

After install the plugins start creating the home page, and make it fully SEO friendly, to make a page SEO friendly or responsive. You need proper knowledge about margarine or padding.This can help you to fix the page element size.

And make sure you use schema structure to a page, and target it to a particular keyword, and that keyword should be in the Title on the page.

To do proper seo for a website you need to add proper size of images, and on that image you have to add alt text or title keywords.

Make Sure you add some text to define the website details, I mean when someone visits the website, they know about the site posts or category.

Create the home page with a responsive design, this can help your website load in different devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, even on a small phone.

After creating web pages, now come to the indexing part, measure of the people just install a theme, and then they apply the site for indexing. how to create a website from scratch.

But this is very wrong way, write at least 10 posts before apply indexing. And if you apply for indexing then wait for 45 days to properly index, don’t apply again and again to indexing.

This is an automatic process and it takes time. When I start a website I apply just one time, after some days my articles are instant get indexed.

So apply for indexing one time and continue your work. If you are using the Generatepress theme then I have some CSS code for you.

This code can make your website more beautiful. You can download it from my old post. And if you use other themes then you need to know the coding.

Read too:

Then our next step is category.

A category can navigate the website users to another post, and also help the search engine for choose the website category.

Categories helps search engines to find the real topic of the website, and once your site categories are detected then search engines start to recommend the website it’s category based users.

So creating the right category is more beneficial for you, to create a category, go to the post and then category, and now create category name and then save it.

Make Sure you add those keywords who is related to your web topic. After creating categories now time to write posts and get live in search engines.

Note: In this post I share basic tips that can help you in how to create a website from scratch. For better knowledge you can watch videos on YouTube or get a paid subscription too.


Guys this is I share some basic tips that can help you to create a website, but if you want to create a professional website then you need proper knowledge, so for that research more and get a paid subscription of web designs.

I hope you like this post. If yes then share it with your friends or family.

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