Create Free Website And Earn Money In USA & UK – 2022

I always talk about that there is no specific way to create a website, a website can be created in any programming language and in any way, but people have very little knowledge about it.

Although everyone is using the Internet today, even today people are unaware of what the website is and how to make it, so today let me answer all these questions.

Hello friends my name is Viswanath and I will not tell you more about me, you can know this inside my author page.

Let us throw light on our real topic. How to Create Free Website?

Create Free Website And Earn Money
Create Free Website And Earn Money

To make any kind of website, you will need Hosting and a Domain, if you are thinking that you will create a website by making a subdomain for free in or any other platform, then you are wrong. It is called a waste of time.

So Domain and Hosting are important for a website, you can buy any domain extension, like .com .in .id .net .pk etc.

Note: Every domain extension is a top domain, whether it is .com or .xyz, so if someone tells you that there is a difference between these extensions, then you understand that you are learning from the wrong person.

But it is true that famous domains like .com .net. Online .in .id .io people trust all of them more, so you should buy a good extension.

Create Free Website And Earn Money
Create Free Website And Earn Money

Which Hosting is better? [Create Free Website]

You all know that hosting is the heritage of a website, without it a website is never called a website, and the better it is, the better your website will perform.

But new people get caught in a lot of scams, because they do not know about it, how much disk space is required in hosting, or how much Ram or how much Bandwidth will be needed for a website, new people have no idea about it.

And this is beneficial to Scammers, and new people buy their service, any kind of cheap hosting and cheap service which no one would want to use even for free, and scammers giving it to new people from 500rs to 600 rs per year.

People feel that this is right, because they find other platforms like Namecheap and Resellerclub all this Fraud because it costs so much.

But after purchasing Hosting from the cheapest websites, after using it, they feel that it is not suitable for a website.

I receive so many comments and emails every day, which complain that our website is not open, because their hosting is working proper.

So a good hosting takes your work one step further and also reduces your hard work. Also helps in Google ranking.

Anyways it was simple things that are necessary to build a website, but apart from this, it is important to pay attention to many things, so now let me tell you how to create a website?

Connect the domain to the hosting server.

You must be aware that a domain needs a server to go live, now whether you use Blogger or WordPress, a server is needed everywhere.

So you have to go to the DNS management of your domain and enter the nameserver of the server you purchased, you can do this very easily, if you have purchased from Namecheap, then it is a single click job.

You have to go to your Domain DNS and choose Namecheap web hosting while making changes to Nameserver, and your domain will be connected to Hosting in few seconds.

And if you buy a server from another platform, then you have to do this thing a little differently but things will remain the same.

Sometimes it may take time, if the server company is good then it is only a few minutes work, so I would suggest that you use Cloudflare.

Cloudflare provides a free DNS section for your domain, from which you can connect to any server at any time.

What is Cloudflare?

After linking the domain with Hosting, now you have to start making a website, and for which you have to go to Cpanel, now this Cpanel does not exist in every hosting company.

Hosting providers such as Hostinger siteground do not provide you a Cpanel, but they have their own managed panels, such as Hostinger’s Hpanel.

But things are the same, just looks different, but Cpanel is present in 99% hosting servers, then you have to go to your hosting Cpanel, and there you have to install WordPress or a different platform.

If you are new then my advice would be to use WordPress, and if you know Coding, then you can choose another PHP platform.

To install WordPress, you have to go to Cpanel’s Softaculous software, then click on WordPress’s Icon.

If your Cpanel does not have Softaculous, then you can also install WordPress directly, for this you will need to download the Zip file of WordPress from the official website.

You can install it from your Cpanel.

For which I have given a video link, you can watch and install WP manually.

After installing WordPress, now it is the turn to create the website and the first process is install the plugins, although here different websites require different plugins, but i listed some of essential plugins.

Tinymce advanced – This plugin helps you to design any kind of posts or pages written in your website in a good way. From this you can add images or links or tables in one click.

Yoast SEO – This plugin increases the SEO structure of your website, it does not make you a problem in doing SEO and makes your work easier, but it is not that it can do 100% SEO of your website. You have to do this by yourself.

Table press – This plugin helps to create different types of tables for your post, plus I like its Import feature. With this, you can import tables from any website with the help of URLs only.

Elementor – This plugin will help you create pages for the website, and best of all, it is also available for free, Elementor is a better option if you want to build a page for free. But you have to learn web design.

Wordfence – This plugin increases the security of your website, which protects your website from hackers, apart from this you can see with the help of this plugin that IP has been logged into your website.

Now friends, there were some such plugins which are very important for your website, but apart from this, there are some other plugins which you can install as per your requirement. Such as the Woocommerce plugin for an E Commerce website.

But there is no need for a blog website, now you have installed the plugin and now it is the turn to install the theme.

Theme Installation.

Now there are different themes for each category, and there are thousands of themes for Blog website, some themes will be available for free and for some you will have to pay.

But there are some themes that are not suitable for everyone, so I will tell you some such themes which will always prove to be better for you.

First Theme Generatepress, I like this Theme the most and our website is also made from Generatepress.

This theme is the fastest and a responsive theme, so I always recommend to use Generatepress.

Generate press is such a theme that your website gets ready in a single click, that too in a very attractive way.

With the Generatepress theme, you can decorate the header and footer by customizing it according to your mind, as well as you can decide the size of the layout of your blog.

Apart from this, you can decide the size of your Sidebar, and all these features are not seen in other themes.

So if you are looking for a good and responsive theme then Generatepress is right for you.

The second is the Newspaper theme.

This Theme is an Amp feature Theme and this theme mostly used for News and magazine websites.

But I have placed this Theme at number 2 because it is a very heavy theme and it requires a heavy server.

If you are using Free Hosting or Cheap Hosting then this theme is not right for you.

But you can make a very good website with this theme, while installing the theme, theme will show and install some plugins and you will have to install it.

After installing those plugins, your Theme will be activated, and now you are ready to create a website.

In the Newspaper theme, you have a plugin named Tagdiv that works like Elementor, and it is much better than Elementor, but it only works with the Newspaper theme.

And due to Coding of this plugin, the website becomes very heavy, which an ordinary server cannot handle. But if you want to create a news or magazine website, then this theme is very good for you.

If you want, you can also use the Elementor plugin, I have given a video link about how to make a page using Elementor, you can watch it if you want.

After installing the theme correctly, after creating all the pages of the website like Contact, About us, Privacy, DMCA etc. now it is the turn to find some problem.

Although you have made a very good website, but there may be some problems with your website.

For this, you have to make your website correctly for each device, and to do this, you have to check the website code.

Implement a Site Map correctly

Now this is a thing which most of the new bloggers forget, sitemap is a website layout address, Google or any search engine visit easily with the help of your website sitemap.

so make sure you have a sitemap, now to create a sitemap, You should use some SEO plugins like Yoast and Rank math.

I love Rankmath because it provides a lot of features in free subscription. but you can use yoast SEO too, because Both these plugins are very good, so choose one and on the sitemap.

If you create a news website then you have to on the News sitemap, or if your website is an Ecommerce website then you have to ON products sitemap.

Test your website in a Variety of Web Browsers:

How to record screen in windows 10
How to record screen in windows 10

To properly check the coding of the website, you will have to test your website on different devices.

And I know that a person cannot have a lot of devices, for this I suggest that you can use online tools like Gtmetrix or pingdom or you can also use Google’s official speed tester.

But before you build your website correctly, write the code in the website correctly. If you do not know Coding, then you can compress the existing Coding. For this you can use the Cache plugin, like Wp rocket and Autoptimize.

Does the website get money right?

If I tell you the truth, a website can change your life, and there are many people on the Internet who earn millions only through the website.

Blogging industry is a very big industry, it is not wrong to say that there is a money tree here, but you have to do the right job.

The right thing does not mean that you have to copy someone’s content or get information from another website, and use it in your website.

You have to demonstrate your own talent, only then money can be earned from a website. Also you can run from online.

If you are thinking that you will be successful by copy-pasting or creating an auto generated content, then this is your wrong mindset. It is not going to benefit you.

How to create a free website?

Now there are many people who want to do blogging but they do not have enough money to buy a hosting.

For which people search free things on Youtube or Google, and maybe they do not get the right information.

So if you want to make a website for free, then this section is going to be beneficial for you.

You can use a platform like Blogger to create a website for free, for this you will need an email ID and your website will go live in a couple of seconds.

To create a website for free, you have to go to and to open your account there, then create a free blog with the help of your email. For which I have given a link of a video so that you can understand it better.

Note: It is very difficult to earn money or create a brand from a free website, it will never rank in Google, it is better that you use it only for learning.

Apart from this, many types of Language can be used to build a website, and in every language you can get a better feature, which I have explained below.

Many programming languages ​​to make a website

HTML: HTML is a markup language for formatting a page. Actually it is not even a programming language, it is just an advanced function.

CSS: CSS is a type of ruleset that gives direction to browse how to display a HTML formatted content. It is not a programming language like HTML, but it is very powerful.

Javascript: Javascript is a programming language. It is used to make the website interactive. If you want, you can see the javascript in your Chrome browser by right clicking and then ‘Inspect Element’, along with it you can also know what this javascript can do.

AJAX: AJAX is an extension of javascript from which they can get data from a web server and also update the page without refreshing the page.

PHP: PHP is a type of code that is commonly used to interact on the server side with files and databases and finally it generates HTML at the output. If you want, you can use python, perl, .NET and other languages ​​/ frameworks to do this.

MySQL: MySQL is a database. All programers and developers must learn this if 


I mean to say that you have to know something about all languages ​​like HTML, CSS, Javascript and one of PHP, Python, Perl and their respective frameworks. By the way, many new languages ​​have also come which have made the programming very comfortable, but it is most important to have clear basics.


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