How to host a website | Best way to host a website in 2022

Hi guys, I think you all read my recent post Best hosting, if you missed it then read it here. In that post, I share my personal experience about the hosting companies and I provide the top 5 best hosting services which I love a lot. And if you already read it then let’s talk about How to host a website?

I know you all are new bloggers or digital marketers, and you need support for your business right? So we all know to earn money online you must need a website.

Maybe you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or a shop owner, but still, you need a website to serve your products online.

And for this, you need to host a Domain name with a special computer storage, and that storage is called web hosting.

How to host a website
How to host a website

So let’s know how to host a website using a Domain and hosting.

Hi guys my name is Viswanath and I am a professional blogger. I have many websites and also I make websites everyday for my clients and my YouTube subscribers. Also I provide AdSense approval service for some new people.

So maybe I am the right person for you to teach How to host a website, Blogging and Digital marketing. If you think yes then let’s jump to the next paragraph.

Needed equipment to host a website.

  • ➡️ Domain
  • ➡️ Hosting
  • ➡️ SSL
  • ➡️ Internet connection

Domain Name

How to host a website, to host/live a website on the internet you need a Domain name, this Domain name is a URL of your website.

Means the Domain name is your Brand means a targeted way to access your website, many people have different URL or brand name, and they register that name as a website URL.

So to access your website buy a Domain name, this domain name can be different Extension like .com .net .in .id .org .online etc.

How to host a website
How to host a website

Every domain extension can be used for a specific website. But try to buy some Top-level TLD, like .com, .net, or .Io, .Ai etc.

For buying the domain name you can visit many websites like Namecheap, Godaddy, Hostinger etc, but my favorite platform is Namecheap.

Note: Before buying a domain name please check if the platform you use is genuine or not, if the platform is not trusted then you can face many problems like domain transfer, DNS management, also some people doing scams so stay away from scammers.

Hosting part (How to Host a website)

Hosting is the most important part of a website and without hosting storage you can not host a website, so this part should be more stronger.

The more powerful hosting makes web performance better on search engines.

So let me guide you about hosting. Hosting is a special computer, like a PC or laptop, but this computer is always connected to the internet.

How to host a website
How to host a website

Due to this a user can access easily via using the network, and store any kind of files in the Hosting storage.

But this does not mean that you store unlimited files in 1 Hosting, if your Hosting storage limit is unlimited then you can store unlimited files.

Some companies provide unlimited storage capacity in a cheap price range, but that’s not true, they claim their service is unlimited, but not exactly unlimited.

This is the method which increase the sales, and some companies are totally froud, they are just doing scam promotion, to earn money.

But their are many companies who have a good customer base and they provide very good services.

I already wrote a post about Top 5 best hostings, you can read that post if you want.

And also I use Hostarmada hosting which is very good performance and storage limits. Hostarmada provides Nginx server and pure SSD storage.

And our is built on the Hostarmada server. So I highly recommend Hostarmada hosting.

So this is some hardware we need to How to Host a website, now the question comes How to host a website using these hardware?

Hey don’t worry man I am here, I provide complete knowledge just relax my friend.

How to host a website? Step 1

To host a website you need to go to your Cpanel and add your Domain by clicking Addons domain, if your Hosting domain name is already provided then no need to add the domain name, it automatically add.

But if you want to add an extra domain name then click Addons domain, and then past the domain which you want to Host a website.

After writing the Domain name click Create Ftp files and then create a specific Username and the Password.

This password can not be used for website login, this is the Database password, meaning your Fils path password. So create it with the default provided Password.

After that click on the Add button then wait for the green signal. And after a few seconds Your domain is successfully added to your Hosting.

Note: before you add the Domain name make sure you Point the Domain to your server IP address.

To do this Go to your Domain name and click manage (If you use Namecheap) then add your Hosting nameserver, and then save it.

Hosting nameservers look like this.

This is just an example your server name can be different, it is also provided when you purchase the Hosting, and if you Use Hostarmada then The nameserver can be found in the service location below.

Just click on the service then you can find the nameserver.

Now let’s jump to the next part.

After adding the domain name, check if your SSL certificate is active or not. Some companies do not provide SSL for free, But Hostarmada provides Free SSL for every domain.

So make sure you use Hostarmada.

To check SSL status search SSL on your Cpanel search bar, and then click on the SSL/TLS status, then you can see the SSL result.

If your SSL is not active for some reason then Click on the Run auto SSL. This will take some time, maybe 5 to 10 minutes, and your SSL is active automatically.

After activating the SSL successfully now comes to the web installation, that How to host a website.

There are many options to Host a website, you can use any method to install the site.

Normally people use WordPress, but if you are a developer and search How to host a website, then you can use Joomla, Abantecart or custom CSS.

But we are talking about newcomers who search on the internet how to host a website, so I am going with WordPress, because this is an easy option to host a website.

How to host a website?

How to host a website
How to host a website

To host or install a website you need to go to the Softaculous software, if Your hosting does not provide softaculous then you can install it with a direct/manually method.

But 99.9% of hosting companies have softaculous software, so maybe you are using Hostarmada hosting, who also provides softaculous software. Now go to the Softaculous and click on the WordPress icon, and then select your site URL/ Domain name.

Make sure you choose HTTPS, or https://www. This indicates your website is trusted. So go with HTTPS, then write your username and the password, and scroll down to the install button.

Then click install now and wait for the finish installation process, this will take 3 to 4 seconds and maybe 1 munits. Depends on your network connection.

And after completing the installation your site is successfully hosted with a Targeted URL. Now you can manage your site, using the admin panel.

Note: this installation process is only for WordPress, some other platforms like Zoomla and abantecart process might be different.

And now your question is solve How to host a website. This is a normal question but it is searched every day by new bloggers.


Dear Guide Class user I hope you all are ok and safe, and I hope you got your question How to host a website? Answer, but some other platforms’ hosted process is different, even you can host your site using the File Manager uploading feature, so try my trick this is easy way to How to host a website. And if you have any other questions then please leave a comment below I’ll solve your queries within 24 hur.

How to host a website | Best way to host a website in 2021

If you search about How to host a website then read this post I provide complete knowledge about How to host a website for free.

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How to host a website | Best way to host a website in 2021

If you search about How to host a website then read this post I provide complete knowledge about How to host a website for free.

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