How to make a website | Best Easy step to Create a website 2021

Guys are thinking about creating a website but don’t know how to start, then this post will teach you completely how to make a website, and also in this post, I share some of my personal experiences about making the website.

Hi guys my name is Viswanath and I am the owner of this website (Guide class) and I have many websites. I always make websites for my clients and my Subscribers, so maybe I am the right person to teach you how to make a website. If you feel yes then let’s jump to the next paragraph.

Get image size or plugin scroll down:

Note: To create a website you need some basic information about Hosting, Domain, CSS, and the page building, if you do not know anything then my suggestion is to make a website from a developer.

But if you want to make a website by yourself and you are searching how to make a website on the internet, then you can do it but read this post very carefully.

To create a website you need a topic, and this topic can be anything like an E-commerce store, technology blog, news, etc. For my case, I chose Digital marketing. You can choose your interest base topics.

After deciding Topic let’s arrange some Hardware like Hosting, Domain, SSL, Theme, Own images.

How to make a website
How to make a website

Domain name deciding:


The first is to choose the Domain name. Now the domain name is our web URL, a visitor can access our site through this URL, so choose this URL simple and short.

For example, our Web site URL is, you can choose any kind of name, but my suggestion is to keep the website name simple and rememberable.

To buy a Domain name you can go with some trusted platforms like Namecheap, Godady, these are my favorite Domain platforms.

I always use Namecheap to buy the domain name because this platform provides so much flexibility.

I can transfer my domain any time anywhere without contacting any support team. So my first platform is Namecheap, and if you do not have International transaction option then you can go with Godaddy.

Choose the best TLD that people always trust, I do not say that .xyz and .tech domains are untrusted domains.

These are also a Top level domain but people do not trust that much on these Domains, so Buy .com, .net, .org or .Ai domain.

This can cost around 1000 rs. If you buy from my link then maybe you got a better price range, so To get your first domain BUY from Namecheap using my link.

Secure the Domain name.

After buying the Domain name it is very important to secure that because every day so many people search Domains for their business.

And maybe they can find your domain, or your Domain contact details, and they can claim a fraud report.

In this case your Domain is blocked for some time. Last time I sold one of my Domain to a person, and that person rise a complaint to Namecheap using my domain name contact information.

How to make a website
How to make a website

And Namecheap was Block my account for 28 days. After verifying my details also I provide my Government ID, then the Namecheap unblock my account.

And in these 28 days I face many problems, because I have 13 Other domain names in that account, and I can’t access all these domains during the verification period, and that buyer is rise complain just to get my other domains.

So make sure you keep secure your Domain, there is a free option to secure the Domain, that is Cloudflare.

Using Cloudflare you can manage the DNS system, and Cloudflare creates a layer between the Domain DNS and internet access.

So no one can find your Domain platform or Server IP address. Although Cloudflare is also paid, but you can use it’s free version.

Hosting is so important.

As i always said, the Hosting is the house of the website so the more house is strong the website becomes more powerful.

So make sure your hosting is best, and you choose from a genuine source, I already publish a post about best hosting, you can read it if you want.

How to make a website
How to make a website

Which Hosting is better for a website?

If I talk about best hosting then my recommendation is Shared web-hosting for startup websites and Cloud hosting for heavy websites.

If your website is an E-commerce website then Cloud and VPS hosting is best for you. But some people do not have that much money to invest.

And they chose some Cheap hosting company, and due to cheaper things the website crashed many times in one day.

And this can not get any benefit for you, nor you can earn from this type of website, so better is to invest one time and that investment will return you a high benefit.

My personal suggestion is Buy hosting from Hostarmada and the Namecheap.

These two hosting companies are really impressive. I decided to use this 2 hosting after I used many hosting services.

I use Namecheap hosting if I create a static website, and I use Hostarmada when I create a Blog and Ecommerce website.

So make sure you use Hostarmada for your website, this is super cool hosting.

I also love Hostarmada contact support, and its server sifting feature, if I feel my server is slow for a specific targeted location then I can change my server data center within 2 hours.

Last time I contact Hostarmada team and they changed my data center within 1hur without affecting my website.

So I think thi is the best feature on Hostarmada. To buy hosting from Hostarmada please click the Button below.

Buy Hosarmada Hosting Buy Namecheap Hosting

Create your own Images: to making a brand:

I see most of the people use google free images to making the website, and that image is already indexed for a targeted web URL, and it maybe creates a copyright content for your website.

So make your own images for the website, that search engine can easily understand what your website is, and can separate your website, and also people will remember your website layout.

And maybe one day someone copies your images, that is feel you success, so why you download from google free images? this is not hard-working if you use someone else content.

No matter you give credit to him/her, still your website called copied web, so try to create your own content, like Images Videos, SVG, etc. is a better option top create Images and GIF videos, and also it is available for free with some limitations.

Theme selection | Make a better layout: How to make a website

How to make a website
How to make a website

Now, this is a normal part to choose a theme for your website, any theme can make the site a better layout. And a theme can help you how to make a website.

So use any theme, any theme can be changed via CSS code, even our is built with Generatepress theme, but I changed or added many options using CSS codes.

If you are a developer then it is good news for you that you can change any theme layout.

And if you are a beginner then my suggestion is to use Newspapers or Generatepress theme for a Blog website and use Woodmart or Ocean WP theme for an E-commerce site.

This depends on a website maker imagination power so maybe you have a good creativity power, hahaha. Jokes apart (how to make a website)

Hi guys, you are reading how to make a website tips with Viswanath  Dhinda, and I hope this post does not feel boring, if yes then jump to the next paragraph.

Now install the css platform that you want to use to make the website. how to make a website.

Maybe you use WordPress, if yes then go with WordPress, but if you are using other platforms then read the post which i provide link below.

We are going with WordPress because it is easy and free too, so beginners can easily afford this CSS platform.

So first Install the WordPress with your website Name and password, then go to your admin panel.

To access the admin panel you can enter the Domain name and then /WP-admin. This URL looks like this

Then your first step is to install the needed plugins, and WordPress has millions of plugins but you don’t need them.

Just install needed plugins, unused plugins decrease the server disk space and website loading time. If your site is a Blog website then install these plugins which I provide below.

After installing the plugins, start installing a theme, now as I say the theme is not so important, you can use any theme, but try to use a premium theme.

My suggestion is to use the Generatepress theme. This theme is superb and easy to use, and also this is a lightweight theme.

Now start making pages, first is Home page, create a responsive page using Generatepress blocks plugin.

Many people share knowledge about page creation using Elementor and WP bakery, but that is an outdated method, and also this can slow your page speed unless you use its premium subscription.

But a beginner can not afford a premium subscription, so create pages with wordpress default tool, do not use any third party tools.

How to make a website
How to make a website

I can say that the default WordPress editor tool is simply super, even our is built using the default tool. So you can use it for your page creation.

Make Sure your page is open responsible on every device like PC laptops, any kind of smartphone. Also, you add schema/structure data to your web pages.

Then just write articles and submit them on the webmaster tool. And your site is ready to live within 24 hur, and people can find it on search results.

I know you all want to know how to create pages right. If yes then watch this Video below, this can help you to create your first web page.

The images size for a website design:

To create a proper website you need some images like logo, sitebar images, Slider image, post images, etc.

Logo image size:

Post Image size:

Header image size:

Promotion Image size:

Download GP premium:

Minimize CSS code:

How to make a website
How to make a website

This is an additional step that you should use for your website page loading time, many hosting services provide a Litecahe server but that is exactly not a lite speed server.

Some local hosting companies use reseller hosting services, and that server can not handle heavy loading CSS codes, so in this case you need to minimize it.

To minimize Unwanted CSS use cache management plugins, although there are many plugins available on WordPress dashboard for free.

But they all are useless even if you use theme . They add some unusual code to your site.

So make sure you use a premium cache plugin. You can go with GPL plugins.

My favorite plugin is WP rocket, and trust me guys this plugin minimizes almost 99% CSS code.

And I use it’s GPL version when I start my blogging journey, so don’t worry, invest little and use WP rocket plugin.

And if you are a developer then you don’t need any plugins, just remove the Unwanted CSS from your theme section, go to the appearance and then theme editor. Then find the Unwanted codes and remove it.

Note: Unwanted codes can down your website speed, also it can affect some content like image, Video, Links etc. so minimize CSS code is so important.

And that’s it your site is ready to use, if you have any other questions then please leave a comment below, I’ll solve your question. Thank you.

MY experience with new commerce:

Everyday many people contact me and ask one question: how to make a website? And I share some tips to make websites, but some people are realy cheap, they want all the things for free.

Yesterday one man contacted me and asked me how to make a website, and I shared some basic tips that can help him, but that person is really cheap. After talking for 15 minutes, he asked me how I got approval from AdSense?

And I suggest him to write genuine post and make the site better, and then he asked me how much I charge if I help to getting approval, so I shared my service price, and he said if I can give him approval within 15 days then why do I charge 2000 rs for Hosting.

Hosting is needed for 1 month, then why do I buy for 1 year? That person is so useless, and so cheap. I tell you if you are this type of person then do not contact me, and then I blocked him and left a message just stay away from me.


Guys to make a website is not so easy, it requires investment, sometimes it takes a lot of time too. So make sure you are interested in Digital marketing, and you are ready to invest. So that you invest will return with a high gift.


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