How to make money online without paying anything || in 2022

How to make money online without paying anything, guys If we talking about earning money from online then this is maybe little difficult to do, because People are still do not know that how we can earn money on online, although there are many methods available and you can choose anything but today in this post I an going to share some important methods to doing this.

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How to make money online without paying anything

Well there are many options to earn money from online but mostly methods are not working because people don’t have patience. That’s why 90% of people are successful in online earning.

But if you work hard and share original content to the public then you can earn money from the internet, to doing this you should choose a method like Blogging social marketing, Affiliate marketing, Digital marketing, etc.

All these are different types of jobs and all need time to succeed so please read below to understand better.

Play games

Online marketing is the biggest market to expand your business or sell your products, but if you are searching about How to make money online without paying anything then my first method is Play Online games and earn money from it.

I know this is a boring job and games are not that much exciting but to earning money from it you need to play them, there are many official gaming platform like Dream 11, MPL existing on the in the internet you can use these options for free of cost. Just go to your play store and install the app then start playing games and in return you can earn money.

But but but you can not earn that much money using this method, this method is only workable for students who do not have pocket money, so please don’t judge this if you are a student then you can go with this method.

Affiliate marketing


We all know Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money from online, but the problem is people don’t want to do this work because they thinking Affiliate marketing is a time pass job and we can not earn any from it.

This is the main problem between new commerce that actually don’t know what is correct and what is wrong, but if you really want to earn money from Online then Affiliate marketing is one of the best way for you.

Just need to choose a right product and start selling in online you can use Whatsapp, You can use your FB friends to BUY from your link, You can convince people to buy products using your link, and for this you need a little investment like making a powerful website or running advertisement to famous your brand.

To success in Affiliate marketing I can share one of my favourite methode which I always use, when you share your link to any body you can set a small commission for it like if they buy from your link they can earn some extra cash back or direct money.

Cash karo is one of the best examples for this. They use their affiliate link and they give cashback money. So affiliate marketing can be a good option for making money online without paying anything.

Earn Money fromYouTube

We all know YouTube is one of the biggest video marketing platforms and this can change your life. Many people have become famous from YouTube and will continue to do so.

Best thing is in YouTube there is no need to pay for make videos or create account, this is a Google free product which is connected with AdSense.

You can make videos on YouTube and connect your channel with AdSense and start making money online, this is so easy right? But I can say this is not that much easy, because on YouTube you need time and you need to produce quality content do not go with any fake and false news. Also, you can not copy someone’s content.

If you think that you create a account on YouTube and start upload someone else content then you can not be success on YouTube because Adsense will never give you approval also YouTube can delate your channel any time.

So do proper work and make decent money.

Create website


If you are in Online earning field then you have definitely heard about Blogging, but due to lack of knowledge people can’t understand what Blogging is and how to do it.

If someone asks me what is the best way to earn money from Online? Then my answer is Blogging, because in blogging you don’t need any pressure to do your job you can share any content on your website but in blogging you need to make a powerful website and you need to invest some money for it also you need to research for your blog or website.

I know many channels exist on YouTube who share knowledge about Blogging AdSense approval tips and tricks, but I think all that doing fraud job thay make videos because of High CPC and earning money.

But if you really want to earn money from blogging than do not follow untrusted YouTubers, start your own website with your own knowledge, I know in beginning stage you can face many problems but with time you will learn slowly.

So create a website with WordPress or Blogger then start sharing content on it, apply for indexing on google than wait for ranking response.


Do not skip your work do regular post this is like a office job I know on starting days you can not earn money from it, but if you share original content or your website is powerful people like your web design than definitely you can achieve success.

Social Marketing

Social media can change the world also sometimes I feel that social media can effect to our Government, that’s why people using social media to earn money from online without investing.

But this is also not so easy you need to invest your time on in, Instagram is a biggest example for social marketing, If you have a huge fan base then you can earn money from social marketing.

Now the question is How to make money online without paying anything from social media? Well, This method is more effective for girls because more glamour more publics attention and more public generate more money.

On instagram you can see how girls share their photos and videos if you can do this then you are welcome to social media marketing after your followers increase you can get promotional emails and you can earn money from that.

Other than this there are many methods existing on the internet you can use them to earn money online bur be careful some methods are totally fraud so go with a genuine methode.


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