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Hey guys, welcome back to the Guideclass and in this post, we are discussing affiliate marketing, I’ll teach you what is affiliate marketing? Why do people use it? How to do affiliate marketing? So guy’s without wasting time let me guide you in affiliate marketing.

Hey, bloggers, my name is Viswanath and I am a professional blogger I started blogging in 2015 and I have a good experience about Blogging and affiliate marketing, so maybe I am the right person to teach you digital marketing.

If you are from India then you can watch my videos on YouTube to better understand Blogging and digital marketing. So let’s start today’s titled what is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the online method to expand the business through some influencers and earning money from promoting the products.

Company owners create a Url for promote their products and an Influencer promotes that link, and if people purchase the product via clicking that link, then the influencer got some commission from that.

Basically affiliate marketing is good for both business owners and the influencer, because both can benefit from it.

Now this is quite confusing for a newcomer because he/she already watched many videos and every video has a different method to earn money from Doing affiliate marketing.

But the question is what is the actual methode to do affiliate marketing? So let’s know this in detail.

How to start Affiliate marketing?

This completely depends on you, you can choose your interest-based products which you want to promote.

To do this term you need a fan base, if you have some subscribers on YouTube then you can do affiliate marketing. If you have Instagram following then you can earn from affiliate marketing, if you have Facebook fans then you can do affiliate marketing.

But I know have these all, so due to no fan base one method is beneficial for you and that is making a website.

Now this is another big question in new people’s minds, how to make a website and how to promote the products?

Because everyday I get many emails and Whatsapp messages about affiliate marketing.

People ask me sir how to start affiliate marketing? How to write about our products? How to rank the websites.

So my friend if you are a new blogger then please do complete research, do not choose the product/topic without having knowledge.

Like if you have knowledge about Web hosting then do affiliate marketing with Hosting and domains. Similarly, if you have knowledge about T-shirts and other textiles products then go with that.

So first choose your topic to earn affiliate commission, then our next step is making a website.

Here is the video to batter understand.

Start making a website related to your products.

This is one of the most asked questions that how to choose a domain name, because some people told that choose a domain related to your product, and some people share tips you should buy an top-level domain name.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

But these all tips are useless. You can Buy domain name as per your Thinking, even you can keep the domain name as per your name.

So Do not follow that some useless tips and tricks, every domain extension is a top-level domain, it doesn’t matter what extension you have, maybe you have .online extension or you have the .Xyz extension, even you have .tech Domain extension it never impacts to your web ranking.

Ranking and success bothe are depend on your talent, the more hard work makes the way of success short.

Then buy a web hosting. for making affiliate website.

This is no matter where you buy the hosting but be careful some companies selling worst services or some people are scammers, so buy it from a reputed company.

After buying web hosting now comes to the making of a website, this is the knowledgeable task. If you want to know how to make a website, then you can read one of my old post, the link is given below.

And if you do not know about web making or create pages, then I suggest to hire a developer, then make your website, don’t worry you are safe, after making website you can change your web password.

After making website, start promotion of your products, but this is the main part, do a proper research what people search on the internet, what they want to buy, if you find your audience needs then you can succeed in affiliate marketing.

Start writing content about the products, and that’s it when your content rank on google you can earn money.

This is the free method to do affiliate marketing, but this is a long-term work and needs so much effort.

And now I’ll share with you some additional method to do affiliate marketing.

First is Facebook ads.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

This is one my favorite methods to promote anything, to run facebook ads just go to your profile and then ad manager.

Then create your ads with your product images or videos, then set your ads running date, then select the price range, choose audience location that’s it.

Now you are able to promote the product, but but but on Facebook ads there is a feu category which can be successful, i mean facebook audience need some attractive content.

Like women’s products, some of the attractive women/men’s images. Dating, Entertainment, movie etc.

So try to promote some of these products on Facebook ads.

Our next method is Google ads.

Now this is the most usable method to do affiliate marketing or promotion of your business, google ads give facilities to their customers with low conversion rates and more leads.

And I really love the Google ads cashback feature, the first time google provides 100$ cashback for every user.

If this is your first time then run ads on google spending 100$ and you will get cashback 100$ when your ads running date is expired.

Also google ads show your product in front of targeted audience, and this is the best for an affiliate marketer. You can promote your affiliate links by running google ads.

And trust me Google ads is such a powerful method to promote anything here i share my result you can see and decide the promotion methode.

Additional method to do affiliate marketing.

All those tips i provide in this post they need hard working or investment, but if you have big fan base then you can promote your affiliate links, without Any investment or hard work.

So maybe you have many groups on whatsapp or telegram, maybe you have a Youtube fan base. If this is correct then just share your link with your fans and earn money from affiliate marketing.

So what are you looking for? Go and use these methods.


Affiliate marketing is a jungle, means there are many Bloggers and affiliates who alredy promote there links on the web, it means competition is high, so you need more hardworking. And if you are a beginner then I suggest you do not choose affiliate marketing for earning, because you choose this method just looking at others earning.

And if this post helps you to know all about affiliate marketing then share it with your friends or family. Thank you.

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