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How to write better: United States: Hi guys, how are you today, well as we all know the better writing skills can make your blog successful, and a better writer can get 100% marks on school exams.

So the question is how to write better, because most of the people do not know how to write a post, that’s why they are not good in the blogging or any other things, actually people are so confused about writing layout.

So don’t worry today I am going to share my personal experience and my personal writing skill with you absolutely free. Stay tuned in this post.

How to write better
How to write better

Hi guys my name is Viswanath Dhinda and I am a professional blogger, I have many websites and I always writing posts for my different websites and for my clients.

So maybe I am the right person to teach you about how to write better. To write better you need to understand the topic, for example I want to write about Digital marketing.

For this I need to understand the Digital marketing, not just Blogging and website making. I should have knowledge about all the digital marketing methods, like Blogging, social networking, Email marketing etc.

Without knowledge I can’t write a better post, so for getting knowledge I need to do research. But 99% of people don’t research about the topic, they just get a keyword and start write about it, but frankly I can say you can’t write better.

So the first step is Research more.

How to write better
How to write better

To research about a topic you need sources and today this is the digital world where everything can happen, and we can find details about any topic.

But there is a problem: some sources are paid and some are free, and in free many people share wrong information.

For example blogging, to get success in blogging you need complete knowledge about it, and people share wrong knowledge about the blogging on YouTube.

And the newcomers watch their videos and start to create a website, they invest money on it, but the result is 0.

Some people share proper knowledge, but the problem is they are not so famous, because they don’t do clickbait actions.

Like I also make videos on YouTube and I upload more than 65 videos with proper knowledge. But maximum 20 to 34 views on all those videos, and last time I uploaded a video about AdSense approval.

And I make a thumbnail with the title Get approval within 48 hur, I know this is impossible to get approval within 48 hours.

But after uploading that video I got 5k views in one day. That’s because people always wants free or short way.

People want huge money in short periods, that’s the main reason they can’t do their job properly. But if you do proper research, if you love your job, if you  think that you can do it, then you can write better.

For research you can visit YouTube (Trusted channels) Google search, and other paid platforms.

Step 2. Keep a beautiful title:

Keep a beautiful title, this doesn’t mean that add so many keywords on the title, to write a better title you need to add some power keywords like Best, free, top, beautiful,etc.

And then add some numbers on the title, like Number 1, Top 10, 2021, etc. Remember when you add two different keyword add a pipe (|) or (,) to better understand the title.

Your title should not be so long, make sure you write the title within 60 characters, a long title creates confusion.

Keep the title more understandable and attractive, for example if I write about Web hosting. Then my title should looks like this 👉 Best web hosting for small business || Top 10 Hosting in 2021.

Understandable paragraphs.

I saw many website content that people shared with me for review, and after i visit the website I felt the articles are quite unprofessional.

Because the paragraphs are so long, and I can’t understand the meaning of the entire post. Even due to long paragraphs I just exist from the post, because the long paragraphs create boring feelings.

And no one is interested in long reading, that’s why people don’t read the bank privacy, right? So if the paragraphs are small then everyone can read the post.

Sometimes we visit the post for our requirements, and we only search our requirements, and due to long parra we cannot find what we want.

That’s why people just exist from the content. But if you make the post attractive than you can get reward/0% bounce rate.

So write the paragraphs in small sentences, keep the sentence with a targeted meaning.

Improve the readability:

How to write better
How to write better

Similarly we all know if the sentence is long, then we need to David it using a . Or , or ||. But most of the people are do not know where to use the (, ” . ||) and they just write the paragraphs.

And this creates so much confusion, even a paragraph creates useless meaning without, . () etc. And also SEO plugins show this error but we just ignore thame.

For fix this eror you need proper knowledge of grammar, but I know you are lazy and that’s why you search How to write better.

So to fix the grammar problem you can use Grammatically, if you use PC or laptop then you can install the grammatically extension on your browser. Grammatically can help you to fix the post readability error.

Also you can add some hyperlinks or some internal links to improve the readability, just add another post link to a particular word.

That can help people to understand your article in a better way, don’t think that the people exist from your website or your content.

If your content is better than people back to your website, even I experience this term, one day I share one of my web content to 15 WhatsApp groups.

And I add the internal links, outbound links etc, which means I write the post with proper navigation, and then I share it in the groups.

And for that time my website bounce rate was 89% because I share a downloadable content.

And I link the Download button to my other website, that’s why people just sift to my other website via clicking the download button.

But after 2 days people start searching my website on google, because they know that they can find real content on my website.

That’s why they search my site on the internet, and this creates a green signal for my website, and when people visit my website after searching it.

The google start raking my site, because Google find my website is better because people search it.

So this is the Plus point if we write better, sometimes we need to do unprofitable work for our future result. And this is called hard work.

Add proper images for user attraction.

Image is another thing to atrract user, but this doesn’t mean that you Download image somewhere and add it on your site.

You have to make images for your content, to create images you can use any online tools. Again there are many platforms available to create the images. And some are free or some are paid.

But my best platform is, this is also available for free, and we can create attractive images for free.

But you need your creative mind, your imagination decides your Image layout, and an image can talk with people, an image can increase your reputation.

An image can improve the content quality, image can attract the users to visit your website.

I make my own images for every single content, and many people copy those images. And in return they credit my website link.

And I got backlinks for free, which means a proper work can talk can walk. So make your own images to create your own brand. If you follow these tips then maybe you don’t need to search how to write better.

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Dear guide class users, to write better you need proper information about the keyword, if you don’t have knowledge then my suggestion is leave that topic and write on other keywords, and to support me you can share this site with your friends.

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