i3 VS i5 || Which one is better i3 or i5? [USA-2022]

[USA-i3 vs i5] If you are a beginner and you decide to buy a computer or maybe a laptop but didn’t find which processor is better for you, and you need a comparison with i3 vs i5 then this post is for you, in this post today I am going to compare with two different Computer processor i3 vs i5, and in the end i’ll tell you what is the better for you.

Hi guys my name is Viswanath Dhinda, and I am a professional blogger, I always making websites for my clients and my Subscribers, and I upgrade my computer’s 2 times in one year, so maybe I am the right person to tell you about these two different processors (i3 vs i5).

What is i3 processor?

i3 VS i5 || Which one is better i3 or i5 [USA-2021]
i3 VS i5 [USA-2021]

If you are a student then this processor is the best option for you, the i3 processor is one of the very famous products by Intel. This processor has a very good cache feature which improves the working speed or user experience.

The I3 processor is capable of giving better power backup. Along with this, it is also available at a very low price, when Intel lunch this processor in 2010, many people start using it and especially it is used for middle-class professional work.

Although the i3 processor is not capable of the latest games or any graphics work, but you can play small size/graphics games, and also you can do some graphics work like video editing, photo editing, etc.

Although the processor comes with different types of generations, and in the i3 10th gen processor you get to see dual cores 4MB cache.

It means the i3 processor is more powerful to dual-core and core 2 duo pc, but it is not that much powerful who can play our latest game stations or High graphics videos.

If you are doing a medium type job like creating websites, making videos for Youtube, editing photos in Photoshop, Typing work, then the i3 processor is a great choice for you, sometimes I use i3 processor for edit my videos using Blender or Videoscribe, and my experience is good with i3 processor.

There is no downtime, Pc works well and no heating at all, Also it can p[erformd for 24 hurs, One day I test i3 processor for watching videos in Netflix and trust me I watch money heist web series, and I complete the first part in one day, means the laptop run continuously.

And I recharge my laptop 4 times on that day, my laptop is 8th generation, and trust me guys I can’t find any problem with this processor. On the other hand, I was tired that day I mean that day and night.

What is i5 processor?

i3 VS i5
i3 VS i5

I5 processor was launched in 2009 and this is an upgraded version of the i3 processor, in the i3 processor we can’t see the turbo mode but in the i5 processor you can get the turbo mode feature and this can improve the computer performance.

The i5 has a built-in memory controller feature, dual-channel and on-chip video processor, and this processor is capable of giving better power backup (If you are using a Laptop) on Pc there is no any power control because PC’s are running with direct Current.

Along with this, the i5 processor is also available at a low price or higher price range according to the processor generation, but its price is a little high of the i3 processor.

Similarly, the i5 processor can be used for better gaming, Software developments, Video edingt, Coding like HTML, CSS, JAVA, etc, Sublime text is running like a bullet train. Also I use Vyond animation online in i5 processor, and there is no any hang time, but when I use Filmora X in i5 processor, it slightly slows down the laptop.

I think this is my Laptop issue because on i3 processor Filmora X is running very well, I think this is the processor problem, But after all the rendering time is very fast then to i3 processor.

Then I play Pubg and some car racing games, or some Higher graphics games on the i5 Laptop, and I get a very good experience.

Also I use Blender animation software to making a Tree and boy Animation, and this also very good running time, i5 can improve the working experience, and as I said I making websites, so I type so many coding in one day.

And to test this I use Sublime text3 for making one website, and I decide to complete the website work in one day, the website has 5 pages with CSS codes, and I type minimum of 3,00000 characters in that day, And I did not stop I type continuously, but i5 is handled all that processing pressure. And give me a better typing experience.

So I can say that the i5 can be a better option for you, This processor is mostly used for middle-class professional work, especially for gaming and software development including Making App, making Websites, Creating Animations.

Best i3 Laptop:

HP 2020 Newest Pavilion I3:

  • 10th Generation Intel Dual-Core Core i314
  • Diagonal HD Touch Screen.
  • 128GB solid state drive (SSD)
  • HDMI output, Wireless/Wired connectivity.

Which one is better i3 or i5?

Both of these processors have a better user experience, processing power is also good, there is no that much difference between i3 or i5 processor, and of course, Intel is a very good or reputed company.

But I can say that in some cases i5 is a better processor than i3. I thought if we work continuously in the i3 processor then it can start create problems, but i5 can increase the working time. Also, the i5 provides better power backup.

But if you are a student or you are just joining a job and you need to startup, then you can go with the i3 processor, there is not much difference with the performance, both of the processors work very well.

And if you are a developer or Animation creator, then go with the i5 processor, this can save you time or improve your work experience.

Best i5 laptop:

Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop, 9th Gen Intel Core i5

  • 9th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor.
  • 15.6 inches Full HD Widescreen IPS LED.
  • 256GB PCIe NVMe (SSD)
  • Backlit keyboard; Acer Cool Boost technology with twin fans.

Is i3 good enough for everyday use?

This is a normal question and the answer is it depends on the Pc or Laptop, if your Laptop is a commercial laptop, then you can work every day 24 hours on i3 processor.

Note: To run the computer every day and improve the work time, upgrade your RAM and Storage capacity. And If possible then Buy a commercial System which is connected all the time to electricity [Charger].


In this post, I share my personal experience with two different types of processors i3 vs i5, and I share my final opinion, but if you do not agree with me, then you can use both the processor and after using these two share your experience to me. and how was this post did you like it? tell me in the comment box.


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