Instagram account hacked || 2022 Best Tips to hold your Instagram Account

Instagram account hacked: Instagram is a very big social media platform and people can divert a huge amount of traffic from Instagram, but sometimes Hackers can hack your instagram account and this is a big problem for business owners, because they do not have time to recover or manage there account and in result they lose their instagram account. Also we can loos our data like massages our contacts our friends details etc, this is very dangerous for us.

But don’t worry if Guideclass here they why you getting scared, hi guys my name is Viswanath Dhinda and I am the owner of this website, I create this website for sharing knowledge like How to create websites, How to earn money online, How to getting free fire reward in free, etc, and today in this post I am going to share knowledge about How you can recover instagram account hacked, so stay connected with me.

NOTE >> Before we jump on to the step 1 note these tips that how you can hold your Instagram account from hack.

Instagram account hacked

Instagram account hacked
Instagram account hacked
  • First tips is be awer from fishing E-mails or massages, this is the common and easiest way for a hacker to hack any account or IDs, sometimes you can see you got a high promotion email or maybe it’s related to any free lottery, if you got this type of emails the do not click on any links.
  • Second, tips is do not use any unofficial apps or do not download any files from untrusted websites, this can hack your device including your Instagram account.
  • Third tips is do not visit any type of piracy website like free movie downloading or free rewards/Redeem codes websites, this type of websites using third-party ads networks to earn money from online and this ads connected to un official websites so do not visit this type of websites, if you visit then create a new user and turn off auto save password.

Now follow these steps to hold your insta account from hacking. (Instagram account hacked)

  • First of all if you feel your insta account has beed hacked and using someone else then you can request a pasword recovery link directly from instagram, click on the forget pasword and set a new password.
    • But sometimes hackers are changed your Username and in this case you can not forget your password, recover your username or pasword follow the tips number 2.
  • If you are not able to recover your Username or password then you can report to instagram directly, when you report to instagram that My account is hacked they provide you a form you can fill or send it to instagram to recover your account, and don’t forget to choose option “My account is hacked”.
    • After send the report Instagram will verify you that this account is belongs to you, but but but this process is quite hard they verify you with mesure of security the verify methode looks like this.
    • You will be sent a code directly from the site, They will have you take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with the code (usually they prefer this to be a selfie).
    • They will also have you show the original email address or phone number that you used for the account.
    • Finally, Instagram will verify that you are in fact the user of the account by comparing the photo with your Instagram photos.

This is considered a surefire way for Instagram to recover your account because there essentially is no way to hack this system they have in place.

3. Check Your Login Activity

This is most important step to keep safe your Instagram account, to do this go to your instagram account settings then click your login activity, when you clicking login activity you can see when your account was online with date and time also this can show you the place wher your account will active.

If you think that this not you the change your password immediately, also some people use insta via using facebook account if your account is connected to facebook then change your email address or phone number from your facebook account settings, this can help you to hold your instagram account hacked.

Note: Sometimes facebook ban your account due to som policy violations, in this case you can appeal to facebook if they will find your account is maintain privacy then you can get back your facebook account and ya Instagram too.

Nether than this I share some pro tips to safe your insta account from hackers, please read bellow.

  • Turn on Two-Factor Authentication, this will notify you when someone tries to login to your insta account.
  • Do not share any details like your name DOB username with your friends or Girlfriends, because Girlfriends are trying to inquire you and they login to your account secretly. I know your account is in safe hands but what about your X girlfriend? Ha ha ha ha.
  • Connect your E-mail ID to your instagram account to recover your password or get login activity any time anywhere. This is taking some times but it is worth it to connect email ID to instagram account go to your profile and click on edit the add your email ID and save it after clicking save Instagram send you a OTP/code to your email account for confirm your email id, fil the code and click verify.
  • If hacker login to your instagram account thenn definitely they have your Email ID make sure your email id is fully secured, to secure your email account Turn on two step verification and add your phone number to get otp from google, do remembered email id is a best method to recover any online account and google is fully secured network so setup backup code verificato or Google authenticator app to verify your email account.


This post is only for educational porpose so please don’t take it persional if you thinking that we arte add any wrong information then comment box is open for you 24/7, and yes if you like this post then do afree share with your friends or family. (Instagram account hacked)


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