Namecheap review || Is Namecheap Hosting best for you? [USA-2022]

Hey hi guy’s welcome to the other hosting platform review name is Namecheap review, in this post, I am gonna share with you a complete Namecheap review and finally tell you if the Namecheap is right for you or not.

Also, we discussed some of the basic issues which are coming in every cheap hosting provider, so stay tuned. [Namecheap review]

Hi guys my name is Viswanath Dhinda and I am a professional blogger, I use many hosting companies to make my Client’s websites or App, and I still using Namecheap from 2013 and I have a good experience with Namecheap, so maybe I am the correct person to share Namecheap review.

What is Namecheap? [Namecheap review]

Namecheap review
Namecheap review

Namecheap is a digital tools provider that provides Domain registration services, Hosting services, SSL services, DNS service and some extra Servers like VPS service and WordPress hosting.

But some people do not have any idea what exactly Namecheap is, and some people maybe share their knowledge without getting Namecheap services.

To check this I leave a message in my Group massage like this Guys kindly tell me if Namecheap is better for a startup website?

After leaving massage, it takes 12 minutes exactly, and then some people start to answer me, that Namecheap is not good for any kind of website.

And when I ask those people which plan you buy, premium or starter plan, they say we buy stater plan.

But as we know Namecheap do not have this type of plan name, which means people are telling lay, they just share knowledge after watching someone’s videos or Posts.

But if they buy any plan from Namecheap and if they use it then definitely they can’t say that the Namecheap is not for any kind of website.

Anyways peoples are lazy and they believe infamous or free things even I also believe on visible things, but but but it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in GOD. Ha ha ha ha.

Namecheap is a Platform who provide services at a very cheap price we can get web hosting from 1$ per month, and this can help new people to start their business. [Namecheap review]

On Namecheap you can buy any Domain extension, like .com .net .org .ai .id .de, etc. And Namecheap has a powerful DNS system which is updated every second I thought.

On Namecheap your domain can connect to the server within a minute, and also you can transfer the Domain name from one account to another account without contacting anyone.

Overall Namecheap is a very powerful platform to manage the business or register your domain name. [Namecheap review]

Namecheap Shared hosting review:

Namecheap review
Namecheap review

Namecheap has 3 types of shared hosting plan, and these all plans are really effective, the first plan name is stellar plan and most of beginners Buy this plan due to low price, but many people think that this is a basic plan and it is very low web hosting but you are wrong, Namecheap provide the best server technology, and in Steller plan you can run a medium website who has 2000 real time visitors.

But in the startup plan, you have some limitations like you can host only 3 domains, and also the storage is very low in this plan. Sometimes people BUY steller plan from Namecheap and they run a News website. [Namecheap review]

And due to low storage, Namecheap suspended the service and people think Namecheap is a fraud company. Before you claim Namecheap, check your work or what you do, read policy posts to know better about the service plan.

Anyways we can get other Web hosting plan on Namecheap like Stellar plus or Steller Business, and these two plans are really good I buy Stellar Business plan on last month to check how to perform Namecheap hosting, and I run a Blog website.

You don’t believe my Blog gets 10,000 visitors per day and Namecheap handle that blog easily, I can’t find any downtime or any crash result on Namecheap shared hosting, although the website speed goes down when 500 visitors come.

But I can say that Namecheap can handle 400 real-time visitors, additional Namecheap shared hosting are comes with a very cheap price and they provide some offers on every festival. [Namecheap review]

Overall the result is Namecheap shared Hosting is better than other famous web hosting plans who have high prices.


Namecheap VPS hosting:

Namecheap review
Namecheap review

VPS plan is one of the best alternatives to Dedicated servers, and many fraud companies provide VPS hosting but that actually not VPS hosting, some companies provide cloud or Reseller hosting with the name of VPS hosting.

But Namecheap has 2 types of VPS hosting plans, although Namecheap is a trusted company so we can trust on this, and on Namecheap, you can get real VPS hosting, you can BUY monthly wise or Quarterly wise if you are not satisfied with Namecheap, then you can sift to another service provider.

But I am sure Namecheap doesn’t disappoint you, and honestly, I do not use Namecheap VPS hosting but I already use its Dedicated server, and trust me guys this is a best hosting in the world.

And I can say that VPS plans are also good because if I am satisfied with shared hosting and dedicated hosting then definitely other services are good and I can trust it. [Namecheap review]

On Namecheap VPS  hosting you can get Full root access and Operating System (OS) selection, which means it’s your choice how you use and manage the Server. [Namecheap review]

As I said Namecheap is a very trusted company, so its security standards are really high means your website or business is in safe hands. [Namecheap review]

Also if you have any existing websites and you need to transfer to Namecheap, then you can do it for free, Namecheap won’t ask to pay any extra charges. [Namecheap review]


Namecheap Dedicated server:

Namecheap review

Now as I said I already use Namecheap Dedicated server, so I have a good experience with it, and as we all know dedicated server is a complete PC that is run by our command, which means we can host any field or many websites.

Also we can sell it to others after dividing it into a shared server. Namecheap provides full control of the server, you can do anything also you can add extra antivirus if you want.

This server can handle unlimited users at a time and It can handle unlimited files or websites at a time, or if you are a coder or web developer then this is the correct choice for you.

But here the prices are really good, it is not cheap, it is too high, and dedicated servers are only for those people who are big business owners and who have a famous website with millions of users like Netflix or Amazon.

But if you are interested in a Dedicated server then this platform can fulfill your requirements, On Namecheap dedicated server you can manage or modify your server as you want, and I can’t find any downtime or any technical problem. I have been using Namecheap for the last 2 years.

And you all know I am a trusted person and I always support the truth and provide you with a better option, so I can recommend you Namecheap for starting your business today. [Namecheap review]

Other than this Namecheap has some other services like WordPress hosting or reseller hosting but these are not for a beginner or a business owner so I ignore it, and now comes to the cons part.

Although I share all the good things about Namecheap like servers are good, they have good Uptime, good management service, and they also provide products at a very low price, But, there is something which I do not like about Namecheap. Read below to know what I do not like about Namecheap.


Support team review:

One time someone raised a complaint to Namecheap and that time I am not using Cloudflare and my domain privacy is leaked, so a hater found my domain name and he raised a complaint to Namecheap, and he said that domain name is hacked from his account and someone accessed his account.

After he complained Namecheap locked my account from the backend, and then I contacted Namecheap. What is the real problem and why do they lock my account?

The live chat staffs are under-educated and they can’t do anything. I thought they have some script on their desk when someone complains they just copy that script and paste it on the chatbox.

After so many complain They provide an email address to raise a ticket, and trust me guys this is really frustrating thing I rise 2 tickets, and they reply me after 27hurs, means don’t you believe this, someone face problems without doing any wrong job. [Namecheap review]

And then they ask me for my ID and this is not the end. They ask me my ID 3 times and every time they reply after 24 hours, anyways after 15 days Namecheap unlocks my account, I mean if someone finds a domain name and just raises a complaint, then why doesn’t Namecheap check.

I have my own account with my name so why do they block my account? After solving my problem they suggested that I use Cloudflare to hide domain details, and from that day I am still using Cloudflare.

This will happen in 2017, but I think Namecheap will upgrade its system. But Namecheap is a very good platform you can trust on them. [Namecheap review]


My opinion is Namecheap can be your top business management platform and for beginners, it is a very good platform but some things I share in this post after using or experience Namecheap, also I share some of my problems which I face on Namecheap, so please don’t mind maybe this can only happen to me maybe this is my bad luck. And yes I would like to recommend Namecheap to my Clients.


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