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Hello kids, today in this post I am going to share some knowledge about Picture composition for class 1. Today I’ll add a picture and define in front of you that how to composition a image, You can learn easily if you read complete this post.

Hi guys my name Is Viswanath and I am a professional blogger and I make this website for learning purposes. If you are like me or my post please do a free share with your friends. So let’s get started with this post and learn Picture composition.

What is Picture composition?

Picture composition is just an imagination for example when we see any image we make a picture in our mind and that helps us to know who is in the image and what they want to say, this is like image reading if your imagination power is low then you can not read images.

An image can say so many things you can show your feeling via creating a picture, but the problem is childrens are not able to read all the images that’s why we write this post Picture composition for class 1, please read below to know the Picture composition.

In this Picture you can see there are so many things available like two deer, river, Forest, Water, Mountain, Trees, etc, and if someone asks you to read this picture the how you can read, please tell me can you read this picture without any one help?

If you have that power then please let me know in the comment section, and if you need help to read this image then please continue this post.

Picture composition for class 1 Ex-1

In this picture we define in this way> Like >>

Picture composition for class 1
Picture composition for class 1

In this picture you can see that there are two deer standing on the boath side river and I think they are thinking something, I think they thinking how to meet each other, also there is a river and we can see all the green trees and grass, sunlight is falling the river it feel like wake up, also some birds are flying on the sky, I think this is a beautiful scenery.

This scene can help you to better meditate and I just love it. Sometimes this feels like nature is the one who has power of beauty, and yes we can see there are two mushrooms but this is not edible.

For Class 1 kids

  • Sunlight is falling on the grass and river
  • Deers are standing in the forest and thinking about something.
  • Grass is green and it looks beautiful.
  • River is very small but it helps to grow trees and grass.
  • Birds are flying in the sky.

Picture composition for class 1 EX 2

Picture composition for class 1
Picture composition for class 1

In this picture we can see there are some important things available in the party, If you want to read any picture then you need to know the parts of the image like what is the name of that thing and why we use that, ok let’s read this picture again.

First Of All let’s divide all the parts of the picture.

  • CAKE
  • GIFTS.

Now before you read this picture let’s know why we use these things and what is used for?


Cake is a edible food which is used for any celebrations/parties and also we can eat it anytime we can BUY this from any cake store/Bakery, and it is very testy childrens like it very much, we can make it with many different colours and also we can make it with many creative designs.


Candles are mostly manufactured by paraffin wax which is a byproduct of petroleum refining. In our INDIA candles are mostly used for emergency lighting during the electricity failure. Sometimes special types of candles like magic candles are used for birthday parties or any other celebrations.


Gift is a word to give something to someone and this is without payment in return, as to show your love on an occasion. We should not judge the value of a gift from its price. gifts are connected to a person’s feelings, Children feel joy when someone gifts them on the occasion of their birthday.


This is the way to read any picture and this is called Picture composition, if you are a teacher and search to know Picture composition for class 1 then i hope this post will help you, if you like this post then please do a free share to your friends. THANK YOU


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