We are sorry to inform you all of our existing service currently delayed, we are comming back soon on januarry 1-2022, jitne bhi logon ne hamare service ko lia hua hai, wo log wait karen abhi work band hai.

Blog design service price >> 3000rs

Read below to better understand the service.

Hey welcome to Guide Class, I am so good to see you and I was feeling fantastic because from now we work together, but before get our service please read my Return and refund/service policy.

Policy for our service
Policy for our service

AdSense approval service price:

  • With domain [6000rs]
  • With domain & Hosting [8000rs]
  • Without domain and Hosting [5000rs]

In this service, we start work after you pay, and once you pay you can get a refund before we start work, if we start work on your website, then you can not cancel the service, if you cancel it then we do not refund your money.

The website can approve as per its history, Spam record, DA PA, etc. so there is no fixed time to getting approved the domain name, we try our best you should wait for our replay.

Note: If your server is not good and it is crashed many times, then you can’t get AdSense approval, and also we do not refund you, so make sure you use a better Hosting, I recommend Hostarmada and Namecheap. additionally, after we start work on your website please do not change anything, like logo, Pages, posts, do not write posts, do not change any layout, do not add any code, if you doing this then we stop work and you can’t get any refund.

After canceling the service or after getting a refund please do not use our content like posts website design, Images videos, etc. if you do this then we attack your website and also we give you a strick.

Web design Price:

Our price starts from 5000rs to 1,00000 rs for website design, it is depend on you what type of website you need, if you need a normal blog site, then the price is 5000rs, to start work you need to pay first the 100% of amount.

Policy for our service
Policy for our service

And similarly, you can get refund before we start work, after getting our website design service you don’t visit and replace any section of your website after we handle your site to you, you can change anything and that is not our responsibility.

Once you get our service we change the website password for making your website safely, after we complete our work you can change the website password.

Note: all the service is including copyright so do not be smart, do not copy and use our design or layout on other websites, if you doing this, then we attack on your website which is we make, and we stop work on your website. also if you get any backup of the site and use in another website, then we delate our work.

My WhatsApp number: 9653230179

Pay option: [email protected] [UPI handle]

Bank transfer:

  • A/C holder name: Viswanath Dhinda
  • A/C number: 7212665607
  • IFSC code: KKBK0001400

[After pay contact us to share your details]