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Tube light connection: In the electrical field there are so many products available and to install/connect them is quite difficult for new electricians, but if you are searching for how to do a Tube light connection? Then this post will help you to do this, Hi guys My name is Viswanath Dhinda and I am an electrical engineer, I have all the knowledge about Electrical things so if you have any questions or queries about electrical or electronics then you can contact me using the comment box.

What is Tube light?

Tube light connection
Tube light connection

The fluorescent tube, also referred to as the fluorescent strip or tube light, is a low-pressure mercury vapour gas-discharge tube that converts fluorescence into visible light. This process involves the triggering of mercury vapor via an electric charge, resulting in the appearance of a short-wave ultraviolet light. This then causes the phosphor coating inside the tube to glow.

Fluorescent tubes have the advantage of benefitting from much greater energy efficiency than incandescent lamps. They are a relatively inexpensive form of lighting and have a relatively long life (although not as long as LEDs). Fluorescent tubes are used for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

Additional reasons for the use of fluorescent tubes include:

  • High levels of light distribution and even diffusion
  • Relatively low running costs
  • Production of various colors, including white, red, and blue

So let’s know how to do a Tube light connection?

Se there are 2 types of Tube light in the market like LED tube light, Fluorescent tube light, to connect a LED tube light is so easy there is no need to add any wires or stands, but if you are gouging to install a normal fluorescent tube light then this is little hard working.

The old model tube lights are simply irritating products, but some of the house owners love the old one so you should know how you can connect that.

To connect a tube light you need some material like a choke, Stater, Tube light, Tube light stand, PVC tape, drill machine, screwdriver, hammer, tester, plier.

How to fix the tube light on the wall?

  • First off all fit the choke in the middle of the stand, then complete the tube light wiring, now measure the wall center and drill two holes on the wall.
  • Now fix the tube light using a screw or screwdriver.
  • Now connect the power supply and safe leak wire using PVC tape.
  • Now check the wiring connection using the tester, if there are any problems in the current flowing then disconnect the power supply and check the wiring again.
  • Now put the Tube light bar on the stand and put the starter on the starter stand.
  • In this way, you can do a tube light connection.

This is a normal tube light connection now I will show a detailed tube light connection by providing a diagram.

Tube light connection
Tube light connection
  • You can see from the power supply we have two wires, one is positive and another is negative.
  • And tube lights have 4 pins, connect a negative wire to pin number 3.
  • Now connect 4 Number pin to the neon starter pin 1
  • Now connect 2 number pin to neon starter pin 2
  • Now get the positive(+) wire and connect it to the choke of the tube light pin number 1
  • Now connect the choke output wire to the tube light pin number 1 and turn on the electric switch your tube light is on with some flickering ha ha ha ha.

How to connect Tube light with electronics choke?

Electronics choke are really impressive and this gives more security to tube light so that the tube light does not deteriorate quickly, in the case of a simple choke, the electronics choke is expensive and light, and due to its wedge, today’s tube lights have become quite thin.

But if we talk about its connection then it is completely different from a simple choke, and here some equipment like the starter and no more wiring is required, read below for more information.

Tube light connection
Tube light connection

On electronics choke you will have 4 wires, like two red or two black or maybe two yellow or two white, etc.

  • As you can see tube light has 4 Pin.
  • Connect the two same color wires of choke to tube light 1 or 2 pin.
  • Similarly, other two-wire to tube light 3 or 4 pin.
  • Now connect Choke input wire to electrical switch out-put
  • Now connect the positive wire to switch in-put.
  • Now connect the Neutral wire to direct to the choke negative wire.
  • Now turn on the switch your tube light is on instantly.


To provide strong wiring or long-lasting work use 1.5mm wires for Lights or fans, or any 5 AMPS products, Click here to buy Wire.

For safety always turn off the main power supply and then do a Tube light connection, and if you are a professional then safety is in your hand.

If you are searching for how to make tube lights then you can watch this video.

If you are searching for tube light circuit diagrams then you can download this PDF.


This post is only for educational purposes who want to learn about tube light connections. If you are thinking that we add some wrong information then please contact us using the comment box we remove that thing if your thinking is found correct. THANK YOU.

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