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Hi and welcome to our another electrical tutorial, here we will learn about DC motors, today in this post I am going to share all the information about Types of dc motor and I tell you how you can make a DC motor at your home or what is the uses of DC motor, so stay tuned on this post.

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What is DC motor?

DC motor is a type of electrical machine which is run by using DC (Direct current), this is a machine that converts DC energy to mechanical energy, it is very simple to know what is DC motor because everyone knows what is motor, and DC motor means it uses DC current.

Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use
Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use

This can be a mobile charger, a small battery, etc, this type of motor is highly used in toys, small cars even in your bike self start motor is a dc motor, any motor that is run by using a battery or a charger that is DC motor, as simple is that DC motors are a part of our life and it is used in everywhere even in our smartphones vibration motor is a DC motor.

But some people do not know about all these things even students are not aware about DC motors so let’s jump on the next paragraph to learn the Types of DC motors.

Types of DC motor

Well mainly there are 4 types of DC motor available in the market Permanent magnet DC motor, Series DC motor, Shunt DC motor, Compound DC Motor, to understand all these types of DC motors we add different paragraphs with a single motor definition, please read them and learn more.

Permanent Magnet DC motor.

Permanent Magnet DC motor is used a permanent magnet inside the motor, and these magnets are created field flux, although this provides a good speed to the motor but it is not that much powerful and this types of motors are mainly used in a toy car or any small working equipment.

Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use
Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use

Sometimes students buy this type of motor to make a engineering project, this motor is not powerful but it is used everywhere, even in your smartphone vibration motor is a permanent magnet DC motor.

Series DC motor

Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use
Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use

Series DC motor is very powerful and it is used in a medium work, like a portable juicer, Portable AC, etc, sometimes it is used in cars. A magnetic field creates This type of motor has 2 coils which are connected in series, and those coils are connected to the coil of armature so that the circuit is completed, and the motor starts rotating.

This types of motor are very powerful, and it is provide high mechanical energy, you can say that this are a havy duty motor.

Shunt DC motor [Types of dc motor]

Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use
Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use

In shunt DC motors the field is connected in parallel (shunt) with the armature windings. These motors offer great speed regulation due to the fact that the shunt field can be excited separately from the armature windings, which also offers simplified reversing controls. and you can not find its coil inside the body.

Compound DC Motors

Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use
Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use

Like shunt DC engines, Compound DC motors have an independently energized shunt field. Compound DC engines have great beginning force yet you might encounter control issues in factor speed drive applications.

Among the 4 type of DC engines, the potential applications are various. Each sort of DC engine has its own assets and shortcomings. Understanding these can assist you with understanding which types may be really great for your projects.

How to make DC motor?

Making DC motor is very simple and easy, just follow these steps and start making motor at home, first of all decide which motor you want to make, for an example we start making Permanent magnet DC motor, and for this, we need some parts like copper wire, 2 magnets, 1 armature, and a small round silinder/pipe.

  • Now let’s start making DC motor.First of all put 2 magnet inside the body of silinder pipe in paralal direction.
  • Now get a small rod and create an armature with 3 or 4 coils, remember keep same ammount of coppore wire round each coils.
  • Now connect each coils in series methode.
  • Now put the armeture in silinder between the magnet filed. [Types of dc motor]
  • Now solder the output wire of motor and start supply DC current, your motor will start rotating.

To avoid hardworkingly or efforts BUY all the parts from an electronics store or Online shopping site.

Making a DC motor is not so difficult, it is so easy, if you understand the magnetic field like N+S then you can make any type of motor.

Can a DC motor run on AC?

Yes a DC motor can run on AC (Alternating current), but only on single-phase, because on single-phase AC current will have one positive or one negative supply, but running DC motor in AC current is not safe, your motor can be stop working any time and also motor speed can reduce on AC current.

Better is to run a DC motor on DC current and keep safe your circuit.

When was the DC motor invented?

DC motor invented by William Sturgeon in 1886.

DC Motor Parts

In this paragraph, we share all the parts of a DC motor if you want to know the part’s name then you can study the image.

  • Field Winding
  • Pole shoe
  • Frame
  • Interpole
  • Commutatore
  • Saft
  • Armature
Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use
Types of dc motor What is DC motor and use

Advantages of dc motor

DC motors consume 70% less electrical energy than a ac motor, that’s why now appliance companies are started using the DC motors, and it is safe for houses, Also DC current is not harmful for you Dc motor can run a low power. also, DC motors provide highly controllable speed.

By changing the armature or field voltage it’s possible to achieve wide speed variation and with this level of controllability, DC motors offer the precision required by a wide range of industry applications.


Making any electrical project please get proper knowledge and stay safe from short circuit, better is do this in front of your parents, and this post [Types of dc motor] is only for educational purposes do not misuse this, if you like this post then do share it with your friends.


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