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Hi, welcome to Guideclass.com today in this post I am gonna teach you about What is SEO, SEO optimization definition/and how to do SEO for your website. I hope this post helps you. to do your web SEO.

Hi, bloggers, my name is Viswanath and I am a professional Blogger I have 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Blogging SEO, so maybe I am the right person to teach you What is SEO, SEO optimize definition. So stay tuned and read the post carefully.

Why need to do SEO ? (what is SEO)


Friends many people join blogging just to earn money, they watch videos on the internet and they think that they also do blogging and start earning money.

But the sad truth is a lot of people don’t understand how to make websites and what are the ranking factors.

And SEO is a very important ranking factor for a website, without doing SEO your website never ranks on the search engine. So SEO is very important for websites and ranking.

Also, google starts a list and add some parameters which can affect our ranking, and under that list, SEO is included. What is SEO

So basically SEO means search engine optimization, and this helps search engines crawlers reach our Content.

Now it doesn’t mean that if you do SEO properly then your website rank in very short time, that completely wrong thinking, SEO can rank our website but it is not directly effective it is indirectly.

Means SEO optimize definition helps to reach our website in front of search engines and due to strong SEO (What is SEO) search engines easly crowle our website and if our content is good then they decide its listing sections.

It means SEO does not rank our website directly. But indirectly it is effective.

How to do SEO of a website.

Now, this is like a baby caring you should care your website SEO structure like a baby, a baby can upgrade with the time period, same is SEO.

Means there is no permanent way to do SEO it is changed with time, so you need to keep updated.

To do SEO you need complete knowledge about web development, Your web design and its layout can decide web SEO % your article can decide SEO %.

All the things need Proper, even website Speed can be a part of SEO, so Start with a better Web Hosting, I recommend Namecheap for beginners and Reseller club Cloud Hosting for advance level Bloggers.

And if your website is an E-commerce store then Buy VPS server from both of companies. What is SEO

A batter Hosting can change your web experience, and that is a part of SEO. So try to get a Lite cache server, and start Host your site with a simple layout.

Then start building your website. Now your Hosting speed is incredible but it doesn’t mean that you rank the top position on Google, you need more hard work to success.

So Now the step is making Website.

Start making website? optimize definition.


Now guys I request you if you do not have knowledge then try to hire a developer, don’t spoil your website history, this can affect your trust level in front of google.

And if you are a developer then this is good news for you, a web developer can change anything on a website via coding Html/CSS.

First, you need a Logo, and a standard Logo size is 270×90 pixel, but I see many times people download free images from Google and they edit it and upload it on their website.

This is another big mistake, don’t copy someone, try to make your brand, I suggest you to Write your website Name and make it As logo of your website like Guideclass.com.

Then comes to the sidebar part, now many bloggers provide tips that the sidebar is not important for a website, and trust me this is another big mistake.

Sidebar indicates your user to your navigation system, user can easily know your website content,(what is seo). and also sidebar ads is a part of high CPC rates on Adsense ads. What is SEO

So add the sidebar properly. I’ll tell you my strategy about sidebars, I make my every website like this, first on my right sidebar I add Recent posts, then I add an promotion image/ video( affiliate promotion), then I add some of my category and then I add my Tags or Author page, then Social media links, And then I add search bar just below the author page.

This is a perfect sidebar layout or responsive too. If you want to make it more attractive than good do it. What is SEO

Color can attract your users, and the SEO part.

I see some of my students’ websites use useless Color combinations, like black backgrounds.

I recommend white and black color, also you can use Black text color, White background, Blue/green links color.

This looks attractive and this color can help people to understand the text Or website layout. Also this color helps to know web content to search engine crawlers.

So make your website color combination batter that you can get result batter, or low bounce rate. What is SEO

Note: color combination depends on the website owner, What he/she is thinking, recently I made a website for a lady and she told me the website color should be pink.

I thought HAhahaha, and I told her mam your Mindset Color is not effective for users, and i Stope making her website because I don’t want irritation on my work.

Text font SEO optimize definition. What is SEO

Text font is another User retention part, and to experiment this I make 2 websites and I keep No1 website Roboto font,and on another site I use style text fonts.

And then I shared both websites to my users and after 4 days I checked the result on Google analytics, and I was shocked.

On analytics No1 website has 32% bounce rate, and No2 website has 89% bounce rates.

Because people can’t understand the second website Content due to its style text fonts.

That’s why I add this thing into the SEO part, add Google text fonts to batter user experience. And search engine friendly too.

Batter text fonts list.

  • Roboto,
  • georiea.
  • Domaine.
  • Heventica.
  • Ariel.
  • Alternate Gothic.
  • Open Sans.
  • Alegreya.
  • Titillium Sans.
  • Merriweather.
  • Yellowtail.
  • Playfair Display.
  • Sørensen.
  • Arvo.

Now all these previous tips are for web customization, and now we are talking about Post SEO (what is seo), so let’s start the next SEO optimize definition steps.

What is Post SEO. (Guide Class)

I think you all know the SEO is divided into 2 parts: one is Onpage SEO and the second is Off-page SEO, and people provide only these 2 tips to Blogger.

Because 99% of people who provide SEO tips and tricks they don’t know about SEO, even there website is not SEO friendly, people just copy some other websites and past it on their own website.

But SEO doesn’t work like that, SEO is alway changed it’s methods, so now in current time SEO terms are completely changed.

To know Post SEO properly read the post carefully, hi guys my name is Viswanath and I am talking about on guide class.com

Now this is a small promotion part of our website never mind hahaha.

What is On-page SEO and off-page SEO?

Onpage SEO is basically targeting some links Images, and schema methods, but it is not a fixed term.

To do On-page SEO you need to add internal links, Outbound links, Schema markup, Videos, and paragraphs.

Basically Onpage SEO and off page SEO both are the same, which people do when they write their content, and no need to focus much on this, this is always what people do.

How to do post SEO? What is SEO

To do post SEO you need to write a correct title first, the title must be under 60 characters, now this is the starting of post SEO, so write the Title related to your entire content.

Like if i write about Work from home then my Title must be How to start earning work from home something like this.

Don’t add useless text on the title, this is create confusion to your users and the search engine too.

Next step is the content paragraph. I have seen many website posts where new people do not know the writing format, and they just write content and publish it.

And due to this their paragraph is very long, and unreadable, due to long sentences no one is interested to read your thoughts.

And a user simply exists from your content, but if you write with a small paragraph, and understanding sentence then no matter if your content is copy or original, people will love to read that. So write content with small paragraphs. And don’t forget to add Coma(,) and (.) On the right sentence.

Now comes to the heading part. (SEO optimize definition)

Heading is the navigation system. On a web post, heading makes the content more readable and understanding, but i saw many videos on YouTube that people say add headings as your title, which makes no sense.

Heading is the instructions of a post and a heading creates a proper navigation system to your post, that people can easily access your content and they can find what they want.

Like if i provide the Filmora key then obviously my title is Get new Filmora key, but in the content my heading should be download filmora key.

And that heading must be H2 tag, and this is more complicated for a new blogger. So that I provide an image file you can watch and understand the heading structure.


This is an another confusion work and new people do it many different ways, and the real way to add links on a content is (Don’t add it with a particular targeted title)

Means on your content do not add the internal links with a particular title, use links as a hyperlink. To understand this term I write a small paragraph. You can see it and understand how to add Links on a content.

Hello and welcome to guide class and today in this post we discuss about the website, and I provide some CSS code to create a responsive website. What is SEO So without wasting time let’s know what is website and how to create a website. And if you want to know about How to earn money from home without any investment then read my old post too.

So this is the small paragraph that i try to teach you how to add links to a post. I hope you understand it better. And don’t try such useless tricks to do SEO of your web content.

Add Images and rank on google pages. (SEO optimize definition)

Adding images is very hard work for people, newbies don’t want to spend time on blogging, they started blogging just to earn money.

The sad truth is people are not wrong, there are some so-called bloggers who provide some useless tips and tricks, due to these tricks new people get distracted.

I don’t say that you can not use google free images, but try to understand, one image can use many sources, because it is available for free and everyone can use it, it doesn’t mean that you add an image for a content someone cannot use the same image for some other keyword.

Anyone can use the free image in a different keyword, in this case search engines can’t decide what is the correct content, and the exual purpose of the image.

So better is to make your own image. I know it is hard to make an image, but it creates value, and you can claim copyright if someone use your images.

For creating a good image use Canva.com this is the bestest platform for image creation, and also it is available for free.

Show your talent, think deep your imagination, decide your image creation, better image is the better value.

And after creating an image share it on pinterest if your image is attractive the people definitely visit your website, and you all know how many people use pinterest.

This can be a ranking method to your site. What are you waiting for? go and try this all tips that i provide in this post.

Additional SEO setting. for better optimize definition.

What is SEO?

If you complete these all then now focus on some small things like description tags, Permalink etc.

Add an attractive description to the serve google result, and write some tags related to your content keyword, and finally add a category for the post.

And if possible then add a video to better understand the post, you can use Youtube videos, just copy the link and past it on the post.

Do not spam with adding many tags and categories, this can ban indexing.

Note: SEO is always changing, make sure you are always updating your posts.


SEO( Search engine optimization) is a big part we can’t learn it with a single post, it is better you learn by yourself, batter experiment is better to experience, try to understand things I know you waste your time and money for learning, even I west my 13 websites then I find some methods to rank and do SEO, so don’t think that you make a website and start earning just adding some copyright content, and doing some basic SEO settings.

I lose a lot of money to learn Blogging and SEO. Maybe you can be the next successful blogger, blogging is the biggest money tree Forest starts growing your own tree.

Friends, I think you like this post, if this post helps you to understand SEO (What is SEO) then share it with your other blogger friend, Thank you so much.

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