Wix vs WordPress | Best review in 2021

Hey hello and welcome to the another post to know about Wix vs WordPress, in this post I share my personal experience about Wix and WordPress. Maybe you love the knowledge which I am gonna share.

Hi guys my name is Viswanath and I am a professional blogger, and I have many websites with different categories l, and I always make websites for my Clients and my subscribers, so maybe I am the right person to teach you about all the CSS platforms. If you believe me then let’s jump to the next paragraph.

Note: in this post, I share my personal experiences. It means I do not promote any kind of useless things nor I support a particular platform.

So I hope you better understand, these are all reviews i share with you after using two platforms Wix and WordPress. So let’s start our today’s titled Wix vs WordPress.

What is Wix?

Wix vs WordPress Best review
Wix vs WordPress Best review

Wix is a beginner label CSS platform that provides users with a better opportunity for drag and drop tools.

Means a user can build the pages without any knowledge about the coding,and the page building, everything can be done by just drag and drop.

Even on wix you can increase or decrease the layout margin by drag and drop, no need to add numbers combinations.

Wix vs WordPress Best review
Wix vs WordPress

So it sounds good right? Why not, you are able to make pages without having any knowledge.

Also on Wix you can use some free theme options like WordPress free themes, but the same these all are limited options.

But I recently use wix and it has a huge theme option, also people can use a custom made theme file.

If I am talking about blog post features then this thing really impresses me, we don’t need to install any kind of plugins to edit the blog.

The Wix provides everything for free, and I like its GIF gallery because WordPress or any other platform does not provide any demo gallery.

Also SEO part is good as usual other platforms, also we can add custom descriptions, tags, categories, etc.

But wix has one special feature that is page translator, you can translate the post or pages world wide.

Also you can monetize the post and earn money from your blog. The overall simple answer is Wix is a powerful platform for blogging and eCommerce store.

But it has so many drawbacks, on wix we can not get flexibility like WordPress.

And the Wix site looks so unprofessional, if you hire a professional then it can give a better look but for a beginner, it is not possible to make a great site on wix.com.

Also wix doesn’t have many color options or extra css facilities, which we can got some other platforms like WordPress and Shopify.

Overall I have some pros and cons about Wix.com, just look at the table if you want.

Wix support system.

Wix has its own support team for 24×7, but to get the support you need to buy their premium plan including Domain and the server.

And trust me guy’s their prices are too high, I mean who is interest to pay such a high amount for just a single website.

The support is a good feature but at this price, we can get a better option or a better server from another third-party platform.

My wix testing site >> https://dailywebsitet.wixsite.com/my-site

WordPress Review:

Wix vs WordPress Best review
Wix vs WordPress Best review

WordPress is the easiest platform that we all know anyone can learn easily, and we can find a WordPress developer anywhere at a cheap price range.

Even some of my group members are ready to build site for me for free of cost, because they loved me right, 😇😇😇😇😇🤣🤣.

But I can say that WordPress is the better option for a blog site, it gives so much flexibility to a site.

A user can make a site easily by drag and drop or doing some default layout import, also WordPress has huge themes and plugins databases that we can use anytime.

Also, we can target the post or pages by doing some SEO settings on WordPress, I do not say that WordPress is 100%perfect, but for a beginner, WordPress is the only option to make a better website.

On WordPress we can add features what we want to on our website, like we can add share button, Api keys, Tablets, Images, SEO descriptions, tags, extra CSS, Side bars, products, GIF, etc.

Also, a powerful E-commerce store can be built with WordPress, Affiliate booster is a powerful example for you, that you can make your store website successful with WordPress.

Also WordPress provides some free themes which are really awesome, and everything we need just install a plugin for that and that work will be done automatically.

How to make a website
How to make a website

Similarly we can change any theme options as per our requirement, for example, our Guideclass.com is built with Generatepress theme.

But Generatepress does not provide Sidebars block options like title and the separate bars. Those’s features I add via CSS codes.

You can change any theme options just by adding some CSS codes. Which I loved it. I think that is the best thing we got from WordPress.

Other Than WordPress has some default things like post editing tool, image editing tool, SEO tool, free themes, and many more.

And people loved it because it is a free CMS(content management platform) that always provides updates and it is fully secured too.

And we can move our site anytime anywhere, like if the website goes slow down on a server then we can move to another server at the same time.

Also Adsense approval is so easy on WordPress, if your site is good and articles are good then you got adsense approval with just 10 posts.

And one more thing what i like in WP that is learning, which means anyone can easily learn WordPress.

But also WordPress has some bugs which I provide in the Pros and cons table.

WordPress support system.

We all know WordPress is an open source platform, it means a person can change it’s coding, and redevelop it per his requirements.

So due to this WordPress doesn’t have any official contact support, unless you use their server, if you use WordPress server and the domain name then they can support you.

But there are many Hosting platforms who provide Domain and Hosting at a better price range, so people always go with them, and they also provide better support 24×7.

So don’t worry about the support, you got fully secure support system, and your website is always in safe hands. But buy hosting and the Domain from a trusted source.

What I don’t like on WordPress?

This is the best platform for any kind of business, but I don’t like the WordPress optimization feature. A beginner faces many problems to build a site, it doesn’t mean that the page builders are bad, it was very good then Wix.

But to use them we need some basic information about mathematics, this can be useful at page building time, like margins increase and decrease.

Otherwise I like all the features of WordPress, simply I can say that the WordPress is the feature.

Wix vs WordPress who is the winner?

As I said this is my personal experience about both of these platforms, so don’t take it personal, and if I talk about Wix vs WordPress then definitely WordPress is the winner.

Because it has so many options to make a website, we can do anything like affiliate marketing, Ecommerce store personal blog and many more.

So my suggestion is go with WordPress if you are a beginner, and go with Wix if you are a business owner and you can spend money.

Because on wix you should spend some money for getting a better layout and features.

Note:all the product link are connected to our affiliate network so make sure you buy from our link that can help me to continue this website, this can not add any extra charges to the products.


Wix vs WordPress this comparison is completely useless, both the platforms have better own features, so don’t judge it by visiting some articles on the internet, unless you use these platforms.

I hope you like this post. If yes then share it with your friends and family, Thank you.


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