WordPress eCommerce 2021 || Best way to Create eCommerce Store

Hi and welcome to the Guide class in this post today I am gonna talk about WordPress eCommerce because many people want to run their business with a startup setup. But due to short knowledge, they sift some other platforms and face many problems.

But WordPress can be a startup option for you, as an eCommerce store, so without wasting time let’s read the post titled What is WordPress eCommerce?


Hi guys my name is Viswanath and i am a professional Blogger, i started Blogging from last 5 years and i have a very good experience about that. So maybe I am the right person to teach you about Blogging and digital marketing, so hope you like the tips which I provide.

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About WordPress eCommerce

Now you all know that WordPress is a Css open-source platform where we can add anything, and we can change anything so normally people use WordPress for blogging, and Image website.

But WordPress also has a Store option, you can find a store plugin called woocommerce, using this plugin anyone can live their store by just doing simple steps.

To live WordPress e-commerce store you need to know web development very well.

Although this is a normal thing, which anyone can learn by watching free videos or visiting some website, or maybe people learn web development via joining some paid course.

But the question is how you can launch your WordPress eCommerce store by doing your own development work. So to know this term you need to read complete this post.

How to start a WordPress ecommerce store?

To start a store or eCommerce affiliate website, you need some things like Hosting, a proper eCommerce Theme, also some basic knowledge about Web design.

If you have all those then you are able to make a WordPress eCommerce site. So let’s start.

Get a fast Hosting to make a WordPress eCommerce site.


We all know web hosting can affect your users retention so that you need to use a batter fast Hosting, although if you create a Blog website then any normal hosting can handle the resources.

But an ecommerce website needs more storage and more Bandwidth, so choose a bater Hosting, to manage a WordPress eCommerce website.

My recommendation is Namecheap and Reseller club, both of these hosting companies provide lite cache servers and a bater packaging price.

These hosting companies can handle your website 100%, but if you have a better option then you can go with that.

Note: careful some companies do fake promotion, choose a reputed company.

If you buy Resellerclub cloud hosting then it is a better opportunity for you, that you finished 50% of your website ranking problem.

Web Hosting minimum requirements for wordpress ecommerce websites.

  • Minimum SSD 100GB
  • Lite cache server
  • Multiple data center
  • Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited website limit
  • Support the latest PHP version
  • Providing 100%access to cPanel
  • Unlimited Visitors limitations
  • Unlimited FTP Users
  • Unlimited PostgreSQL Databases

Batter theme batter user retention.

Now choose a good theme free theme and make your site as a limited store, so try to buy a premium theme, although you can use GPL themes, but premium themes give you 100% activation.

For an ecommerce store i suggest 2 themes which are very good for wordpress ecommerce websites, name is Wood mart and rehub theme.

But if you are a beginner and you don’t want to invest then use the Ocean wp theme, this theme provides many options for free.

So just go to your WordPress dashboard and click appliance then click Theme then add new. Then upload your theme package if you have downloaded somewhere else.

Otherwise, search your theme name on the search bar. Select a theme and click install. Your theme will be active within 1minut.

Note: some premium themes have their own plugins so don’t forget to install them.

Start installing Plugins to setup website:

After installing the theme now the next part is Plugins, now many people install use less plugin on there dashboard, due to this website loading time is decrease, install those Plugins which really need your WordPress ecommerce store.

I have listed some plugins which are really needed for an e-commerce store.

  • Woocommerce
  • Elementor
  • Sitemap
  • Simple author
  • Easy table
  • Variation swatches
  • Currency switcher
  • WPS hide
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Smus image
  • Rankmath SEO
  • Insert Headers and Footers

Install these plugins and start making an ecommerce website on wordpress. Do.not use additional plugins, you don’t need them, those are completely useless.

After installing plugins now comes to setup theme, first is the Woocommerce plugin, which is very important for a WordPress ecommerce store.

This plugin converts your site to an ecommerce store.

You can add products, set up prices as well, make variation products list. Without this plugin can not make an e-commerce store on WordPress.

Basically this is the plugin which is used for e-commerce stores.

To setup woocommerce click setup wizard and fill the details, i have listed a video you can watch and setup your woocommerce store.

Make Home Page of WordPress Ecommerce website:

To show an attractive website you need build pages, and that page should be attractive and user-friendly. For this you need knowledge about web development.

If You are a beginner then use elementor Page builder. With Elementor you can build dutifully pages, and this plugin is also available for free.

Although you can get it’s premium subscription for additional attractive features, but with free this page builder works very well.

So Create a new page by clicking on the left side of the WordPress dashboard, and Write the name of that page. Then click edit with Elementor.

And now you will be redirect to the Elementor dashboard and now you can create pages according to your web design skills.

Here is the video guide to create a page with Elementor.

After creating a page now, publish your site and submit in Webmaster tool, and add your products and start suggesting to your customers.

Recommendation for you:


To create a WordPress eCommerce website you need proper knowledge about web design, and note that do not use useless products such as Nulled and GPL theme or plugins, If you talking about WordPress eCommerce then I think this is a good platform to startup and basically, this is a beginner level CSS option to create and manage Store website. If you want to create a high-level website then go with custom platforms.

S friends I hope you like the post and tips, if this post helps you to create WordPress ecommerce then share it with your friends. Thank you.

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