Work-from-home 2022 || Best work from home jobs [Guide Class]

Hello and today we all know the situation can change everything at any time, so that we need some external source to manage the situation. And Work from home is one of the best methods to manage personal needs, because without money no one knows you, and a person has no value if he does not have money.

So what to do, how to earn money or do Jobs/work from home, what are the ideas, what are the best methods to work from home?

Hey, relax This post is gonna teach you 100%, that how you can do your job without leaving home, so stay tuned and let’s get started todays our titled How to work from home?

Hey, guys, my name is Viswanath and I am a professional Blogger, I have so many websites and I have 5 years of experience about Blogging or digital marketing, so now I am gonna teach you all the tips which I experience in my career, I hope you like those tips.

Work-from-home 2022

1. Teacher

Although school or colleges turned off in today’s time, and exam date also sifting, and students are feeling happy with that, (jokes apart)

But students are start learning online, like youtube and other social platforms like byju’s and udemy grow very fast.

So if you are a teacher and you know everything about teaching then you can make money from work from home.

You can teach your students online live screen sharing, and this will help students to grow. And trust me this is a very good job.

Also you can make a very good amount of money from this, although your salary depends on your teaching skills and your teaching category, but if you are a normal teacher then it can earn 10$ per hour.

And if you have a digital board and you teach some high category students like scienCe and engineering etc then your fees can be 40$ to 100$ per hour.

2. Script writer

This is one of my favorite work from home, and i always ready for this work but you all know Now i am busy with Blogging, but you can do this work from home.

Basically, This work needs next-level thinking because everyone needs high level words, those words who can change minds.

And that’s why people hire script writers, and if you have a very good thinking imagination then do this job from home.

Last time I asked a Freelancer to write a script for me and he said that He charge 20$ per sentence.

I was shocked how this was possible? Then I realize he deserves this amount, because to write a script a script writer is thinking too much.

This work from home can make 2000$ to 5000$ per month.

3. Customer Service Representative

Now everyone wants a relaxable job, and you can do so, in fact, you can join a company and do your work from home.

For example, Namecheap, and other Hosting service platforms, their customer support executive operate from home.

One day I contacted the Namecheap support center, and one lady was live and asked me to solve my problem, then I provided my details and she solved it in 12minuits.

Then she ask Me to rate she’s profile, then I started talking with her as a friend, obviously, that was night.

So she also started chatting with me and I asked her how she operates Because it was night how she maintained her job?

And she said, “I operate from my home” and that time I know people can do their work from home.

So friends join a live chat job, and start work from home.

4. SEO Specialist

Note: SEO can be done by anyone and also a beginner. No need SEO expert.

But this job really exists on the web, people who are new in Blogging and who are busy their job.

They search For SEO experts on the web. And they pay a high amount. An SEO expert can charge 100$ to 50000$ per project.

I also do this work from home. I make websites for new people who have recently joined blogging, and they do not have any idea about making a website.

And I charge of 50$ per website to do SEO and making website.

But you can charge different amounts, and trust me friends this is a very good job which you can do from home.

Also you can provide some of your affiliate links to get the products and also you can earn from it.

So what are you waiting for, learn web designing & Blogging.

5. Food making

This job is a little hard work job, but you can do this work from home.

So what you need to do is just start making food in your home garden, I mean start growing vegetables and fruits and sell them online on Amazon or other websites.

Just get knowledge about a Plant growing method, and start doing it, YouTube is a very good source to learn this information.

And to test this method I start growing milky Mushrooms at home, I watch so many videos on youtube and then I order a Mushroom seed pack from amazon.

Then I started making and following the tips and in result it really grew my mushrooms, and then I sold it in my local area, and trust me guys.

I spend 20$ on it, and I earn 150$ from it, although it takes 30 days but i started it in a very small amount, if you invest more than you can earn more.

Normally a home farmer can earn 10,000$ per month, if he/she works properly.

6. Sales Agent

Now, this method is converted to affiliate marketing, you can say it affiliate marketing or salesman, both are the same.

When a person sell something on offline then it is called sales man job, and if that person sell the same product online then it is called affiliate marketing.

So you can do this work from home, just need some basic knowledge about the product, and a website if you have found, otherwise you can start it directly.

Choose your products, copy the link and share or suggest with your customers, and you get some commission with all purchases..

7.Digital marketing course

Now this is a very easiest job which everyone can do with a short knowledge.

You all know people join Blogging this time due to jobless or shorting jobs on the market.

And people making their website to earn money from online, so that newbies do not have any idea how to make websites, and how to do work on it.

You can teach them and in return you can charge a decent amount of money, this chargeable amount can be different for different customers.

But trust me this will return you a good amount, and also you will be famous on the web, people start searching about you they respect you.

And as a teacher this is real reward, although thi is my thought, what yours please leave a comment below.

To do this work from home you need a camera, if you have a decent smartphone then no need camera(DSLR).

Then record your tips in different parts, and upload it on a website, create a private link, add payments methode.

People start visiting your web, and after payment they will be able to access your course.

8. Software Engineer

Like I said you can work from home with different platforms, and software development or managing software jobs is another choice for engineers.

This can paid high money, last time i made my website software basically i convert my website to an app, and I pay 2000$ for this.

A developer can charge much money for his work, and he can do this work from home, just need an PC and development knowledge.

If you are not getting any projects then you can develop your own software and publish it on App store, and by placing ads you can earn money.

So this is very good work from home.


Friends I have listed some of my favorite methods which you can do from your home, but some methods are maybe not for you, so choose your work with your capability, do not go with just looking for money, every work is best and every work from home is return you a good amount. Thank you.

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